Ajmer Lake


On my last trip to Ajmer, Rajasthan, India we visited the lake in Ajmer along the hills side. 

We encountered this beautiful sunset while we were about to get on the boat ride in the lake and explore the hills of Ajmer.



– The Wanderer

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  1. Appreciate having you onboard, Shivani (Thanks for subscribing)
    As you may have discovered, we have so far published more than 5 500 ‘full screen’ pictures from Norway (more coming), and these days we take active charge of our list of subscribers.
    There are hundreds and hundreds of people being there for quite another agenda but pictures.
    You safe (and very welcome), but in the future we will be observing who’s visiting, and who’s not. Of course, the numbers wil go down, but on the other hand we will get to know our followers a bit better, and may get the time to do what we like most of all: Respond to any given comments.
    Loved your picture from Ajmer!

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