Visit the oldest Albert Hall museum of Jaipur, India

Visit the oldest museum in *The Pink City*

Beyond the famous Taj Mahal, India, the also known as the city of Palaces is the renowned Jaipur, Rajasthan – *the pink city*. The city is well known for its eminent history, palaces, and incredible architecture. Tourism in India is highly attracted towards the Jaipur City and Jaipur tourism takes care of all of it. There are a number of historical places in Jaipur and Albert Hall Museum comes under the best places to visit in Jaipur.  

A relatively hot place with particular months recommended visiting the city. We visited the city in early February, but it still was pretty hot. We started our journey mid-morning as it was 6-hour drive from Delhi and reached there around early evening. As it is an almost 5-6 hours drive, I would suggest planning your itinerary accordingly to accommodate all the places to visit in Jaipur. 

Albert Hall museum, Jaipur, India

#History of Albert Hall Museum

Built-in 1880’s, Albert Hall is the oldest museum in Jaipur receiving its name after the King Albert Edward – the Prince of Whales –  who visited Jaipur in 1876. The museum started its journey as a temporary museum to now being named as the State Museum of Jaipur which was inaugurated for night tourism in 2015.

The Albert Hall Museum Jaipur history is deep-rooted initially meant to be a town hall. Although the Maharaja Ram Singh fancied this building to be a town hall yet his successor Madho Singh II was determined to convert this to a museum for an art display. 

musical instrument, Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur Jaipur images - India

The museum holds Indo-Saracenic architecture designed in line as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The exteriors of the museum are decorated with stone ornamentation and built in typical facade structure. The appealing architecture of the museum makes it one of the famous tourist’s places in Jaipur.

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radha krishna scupture in Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Jaipur images India

The museum holds more than 10000 collections of ancient India ranging from miniatures paintings, sculptures and wood crafts. Historic art is also held on display here including arms & Armour, ivory work, musical instruments, clocks, marble statues and much more.  The museum today has a smaller section for international art collection as well.

marble sculpture, Albert Hall museum Jaipur images, India

#How to visit Abert Museum

The Albert museum is the central point of Ram Nivas Gardens. Jaipur is not a typical big city vibe so it can be reached easily by foot. However, a taxi would take maximum 100INR or a trikshaw will take 30INR depending upon your hotel. The Albert museum timing is from 9h00 in the morning till 17h00 in the evening. The entry fee to the Albert Hall museum is only 150INR. 

Palki, Albert Hall museum Jaipur Jaipur images, India


Have you visited the Albert Museum one of the major tourist’s attractions from Jaipur – “The Golden Triangle of  India“? Do share your experience with me!!

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  1. Jaipur – *the pink city* – that sounds like an amazing place to visit. I love going to museums and walking the city when I’m somewhere new. This place sounds wonderful.

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