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5 places I wish to travel

Hello there,

Five places I’m dreaming to visit.

P.S. All images have been taken from Google.

1. Greece – Santorini .

The Santorini Islands is one place I would love to visit before anything else 🙂

The white houses with blue roof top and deep blue waters – I can’t even explain how badly I want to go there.

2. Venice 

The second place on my list is Venice(along with rest parts of Italy – but Venice first). For me the canal ride is to die for 😉 The architecture and artwork in Venice is a must see for me.

3.  New York

I’m not really an urban person, I’ve read so many books, saw indefinite images around New York that it has now made it to my top 5list(no offence meant) and I am really forward to grabbing a chance to visit NYC.

4. New Zealand

As mentioned above, I’m not an urban person, hence Australia couldn’t make it to my top 5 despite being so close to New Zealand(I would still love to visit Australia one day). The mountains, dreamy water land of New Zealand makes me want to come there right away. The diversity of New Zealand is well known along with its sharp mountains makes it a place one would definitely like to visit at least once in a lifetime.

5. Kashmir and Leh & Ladakh, India

Despite being an Indian, I’ve never had the chance to visit Kashmir, which I seriously regret. Since Kashmir has been a crucial part of India, and is usually in news for its tough times, I am still waiting for a chance to visit the place.



– The Wanderer

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