Wondering about Life!!

Always wondered how perfect can life be??

Always used to look at these chairs in my office and thought – Is our life perfect like these perfectly made table & chairs but rather empty OR with people enjoying on these chairs but a lot messy. 

Sometimes we don’t know the worth of things that are in life at the moment but always desire for something else.. something more. It keeps me wondering what is a happy place, when can we reach a happy point in life. I think the happy point doesn’t show up ever, it’s just the moments we live – we enjoy – are the happy moments we remember for our lifetime. Just like the empty chairs – perfectly made on display but no one to enjoy the moments here – doesn’t look like a happy place to me!!

Let me know your thoughts on this.

– The Wanderer

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  1. Totally appreciate your outlook towards life. Quite inspiring, if I might add. But I find your post quite biased and one sided. Agreed that these were your thoughts on a “Happy Life”. But you missed out the struggle and the tough times. You never mentioned about what one must endure to ensure a future that is socially and mentally termed as “Happy” or “Perfect”. You said that the chairs and table might look perfect to one, though empty. Or they as well be perfect with people on it. Not sure getting your idea of “Perfect”
    Honestly, the chair and the table were never perfect, never once. Call up a friend and ask him if he finds the chair perfect, he might look at it from different angles, might as well sit on it, and if he’s comfortable, the chair will be declared perfect. On the contrary, call up a carpenter and ask him if the chair and tables are perfect. He’ll just take a walk around and point out 10 problems and issues with them. There you go, your chair and table are not perfect. (Bleh, too much of the chair and tables)
    That being said, my point is it very much depends on the person to find him or her life happy and perfect. The perceptive of the person matters the most. The way a person looks at life, the events and incidences in it, the ups and downs is what matters. His attitude towards being “happy” is what it takes. You don’t need to have a “happy place” in life. You just need a happy look at it. Your “happy attitude” (though sounds weird) can change anything imperfect or unhappy or sad, into a completely opposite feel. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you had a perfect day or a happy day, what matters is how you look at it and what your thoughts are about it.
    (P.S.: Those chairs and tables do look perfect.)
    And btw, went through almost all of your posts and pictures. A totally mesmerizing gallery of pictures and really deep+meaningful posts here. Some of which, had to be read thrice. Keep up with your photography and really well jotted down posts. Looking forward for more posts, on a very frequent basis.

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    1. Welcome to the blog and thank you for your thoughts.
      This post I wrote primarily keeping social bonding in mind, whether being alone or surrounded by people brings happiness in a person’s life. I could have added struggles or different perceptions here but that was not related with the thoughts I had in mind. Although, thanks for your inputs.


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