Learn more about over a hundred year old church in Kasauli


A day in Kasauli is caressed with cool winds, clouds crossing your path and the main square loaded with tourists. On one side of the main square lies a church over a century old!! We started our mid-day with the Sunset point – however sun & the views we re hardly visible because of cloud cover all over. The walk to & fro sunset point was a bit tiring so we decided to head towards the main square for evening tea with snacks in a restaurant located in a quaint corner of the road.

The church is pleasantly located on the entry of the town near the bus depot towards the other side of the main square. The exteriors of the Church gave an easy impression of being centuries old with an astonishing historical touch.  The church approximately 163 years old have a beautiful architecture and is oldest in Himachal Pradesh making it a unique attraction for tourists. The building of the church is decorated with mirror work in the windows taking one back to the colonial era of Indian history. These stained glasses for the windows were imported from England during its construction period. 

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A sundial easily visible is included in the outer walls of the church and the structure deeply bore the resemblance to the Gothic architecture. The image of Jesus Christ depicting the crucifixion are also placed just beneath the stained glass work. The church inaugurated its divine services in 1853’s while being glorified as a holy place in 1857 by the Authority of Bishop of Calcutta.  During 1970’s the church came under the regulation of Church of North India (CNI) – the diocese of Amritsar. The church is surrounded by a cemetery with some graves going back to as long as 1850’s. Tourists are expected to follow some rules to not to make loud noises and also remove shoes before entering the holy church (just like Hindu Temples). 

The outside of the church contains beautiful small park with greenery and lovely flowers and even benches are placed here for tourists to sit & enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station. 

Have you been to Kasauli? Did you get a chance to visit the Christ Church?? Do share your experience with us!!

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  1. I have always been a big fan of art and history, therefore, this church is my cup of tea. I’ve visited quite a lot of churches in my city due to its eccentric yet mesmerizing beauty, there is something that always bring me closer to these architecture. I’d love to visit this church at one point.

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  2. This church looks so unique – I’m surprised to hear that it’s in India. Despite having been colonized, I somehow never expect to see such heavy European influence in places like this. Thank you for sharing your visit!

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  3. I have never been to India but this is not how I would imagine India. It’s so good when places have unexpected spots! If I go to India, I will definitely go to Kasauli and visit this Church.


  4. What a beautiful church! I loved learning about the history it. I have never been to Kasauli. There are so many wonderful places full of interesting history that I need to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Wow, what a gorgeous church. I have never been to Kasauli, but it looks like a wonderful place to visit and learn about the history. Great photos! There are so many wonderful places that have such rich history that I need to visit!


  6. A Catholic Church in India seems almost out of place. But Kasauli looks incredible! This would definitely be a good stop. The church itself surely looks European!

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  7. So being Catholic, catching a beautiful old church in the world is usually something we do. But it was weird seeing them in India during the month we were there. However this may have been because we were only in the west. When we return we hope to explore the east side and seeing the Kasauli will be on our list of stops

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  8. During my walks across Spain, I grew even fonder of churches, especially the really old ones. I love the architecture, the statues, and paintings and the stained glass windows. Thanks for sharing this beautiful church with your readers!

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  9. It seems that any celebration of Lasauli must include a cerebration of this magnificent century old church pictured in your article. From your description the weather seems to be perfect and conducive for viewing with caressing cool winds, and a midday cloud cover which makes the heat of the sun more bearable for visiting tourists visiting the edifice who are not accustomed to the heat. I cannot end without commending for the descriptive power of fyur writing.


  10. I started reading this and looking at the photos thinking this was somewhere in England. Who would have thought you would have such a cool old church in India? Just another reminder of a diverse and awesome place India is. Thanks for sharing.


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