Trust – A Powerful Yet Most Ignorant Word

Greetings all!

Trust – A powerful word isn’t it?? Yet, I believe, most people fail to understand  the worth of same.

Trust have always been a sensitive topic for me. I believe in the famous saying “Actions speak louder than words”. It is not a matter of what we say or how we say, it is rather about how our actions complement what we said.

There are people who take their words lightly and never bother how their actions comprehend their words. For me, it doesn’t matter whether its a small lie or a big one – a lie is a lie.

People I have met tend to disagree with me at some points arguing that sometimes a lie can be good for the person or the relationship. I rather believe what would be left in a relationship where a lie is prevalent.

Moreover, what are the consequences? Will he/she be able to trust you again if they found out the lie. A relationship with lies can never be pure.

Our friends or acquaintances commence the relationship with a foundation based upon trust. Yet, when time comes they fail to perform or rather put actions to their words. I fail to understand the reasons – is it their selfish nature, or should I blame the circumstances or myself for high expectations.

Let me know your thoughts.

– The Wanderer

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