Happy 2017!!!

Hello Bloggers,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas🙂

Wishing you all a great beginning to the new year. Hope we all be happy and have a great year ahead.

I had a wonderful 2016 –  I got promoted in my current job, travelled a lot(six trips in total), tried to follow my passion for writing & photography by starting my blog and a new Instagram account(just for photography). Although, yes!! there are a still a few things which I wanted to do/achieve in 2016(getting a new job & getting married) – both didn’t happen unfortunately. So I’m hoping to get a new job which I feel I deserve and which should be slightly better than my current job(both financially and in terms of work life balance). I am also looking forward to getting married this year which will be an arranged marriage (probably because I couldn’t find love yet so going for arranged marriage now). I don’t know whether should I put in my thoughts here on arranged marriage or maybe in some other post 😉

I travelled a lot last year and internationally(all alone) first time ever which was a huge thing for me because of numerous reasons. I have never lived alone, I have never travelled alone(always with family or friends) and was brought up in slightly conservative environment, so travelling alone and that too internationally was a huge deal. I learnt a lot, gained new experiences, met new people and experienced different cultures. Travel does leave an impact on you and makes you crave for more – at least is true for me 😀 I’ve already planned two trips for this year in the first two months, so I can proudly say I am hoping to travel more this year as well.

To sum up, I have had my share of great experiences last year and welcoming new ventures with open arms in 2017.

Hope this year bring success to all 🙂

Happy new year guys 🙂



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