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Back from Vacation!!

Hello All,

Those who have read my last Share your world post, might be aware that I was on a religious trekking vacation last week. I came back Saturday morning and spent the entire weekend(almost) resting as I think I’m little unfit for trekking – I know, I should be more careful towards my health 🙂 Yesterday I went for some shopping because my birthday is in 4days(Yipeeee!!!) and I’m very excited about it as it’s my 30th birthday – Another milestone!!!

I would really want to talk about the trip as it was 26kms walk(to & fro). My trekking was extremely difficult because of the bad weather conditions. It was raining heavily the entire day and despite wearing 4layers of clothes and an additional raincoat I was completely soaking. When I reached my destination, there were announcements for the tourists to move back to the base station which is why I had to return back the same day. It was a definitely problematic but I kind of enjoyed it as well. I think I forgot to mention that I went to this trip alone, so I enjoyed this alone time as well 😀

I guess that’s all for now.

– The Wanderer

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