Delhi’s Historic Architecture – A Photo-Story

Delhi is filled with history and the architecture here speaks for that. Whichever direction we start our journey in, we are sure to be amazed in one way or another. So today, I’m bringing you a few iconic historic structures from the capital of India.


Wondering if the plane can actually hit the Qutub or how the pilot might be just so used to of crossing  Qutub like this??


The panoramic view of Isa Khan Tomb in the premises of Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi. When I last visited the tomb, the Isa Khan Tomb was being restored, so this might look different now. 


Looking up to the Qutub Minar, Delhi touching the sky. Well, this is a cliche in the photography usually done around the Qutub but aren’t cliches beautiful?


The minister’s hall in the Humayun Tomb is another architecture marvel of Delhi.


A lesser-known historic marvel is Safdar Jang tomb situated in south-Delhi built on similar patterns of the Taj and Humayun Tomb yet smaller in perspective. This tomb marks the ending of Mughal empire in India and hence is important to Indian history. 

Safdar Jang Tomb from entry gate

In the historic era, water channels were of great significance which is easily visible from the architecture buildings all over in the capital. In fact, Delhi has as much as 30 much water channels – locally known as Baolis but the most famous out of the lot is the Agrasen ki Baoli. Located in central Delhi, near to Connaught place, the baoli is well connected from metro & road. 


Have you had the chance to see Delhi’s historic side? Do your experience with me!!

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– The Wanderer

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