Reading Challenge – 2017


Like last year, this year also I’ve taken a reading challenge on GoodReads, although this year I’ve increased the books I’ll read and thus set 24 as a target.

I’ve already read 5 books till date and currently on my 6th. Now reading Mrs FunnyBones by Twinkle Khanna – Well! Wanted to know what the fuss is all about(in India) and also my (to-be-read) books were not yet delivered by Amazon, so opted for a breezy read 😀

As you can see from the below screenshot, I am already ahead of schedule, which means I may update the target by the end of the year as well 😉

Among the books I’ve read, I’ve added reviews for two of them, which you can refer here:

  1. The Girls(Emma Cline) – Review
  2. Two by Two(Nicholas Sparks) – Review


Do you love books? What sort of books you like to read? Share your recommendations with us!!

– The Wanderer

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