Talking talking..

Being an amateur photography, I constantly try to experiment with different genres to discover my forte – which I think is going to take a while..Sigh!! Despite using iPhone for photography and being a timid person, I’m scared to death while trying street photography. In India, I find it immensely challenging to shoot random strangers off the street because people could get remorseless towards you which may even land you in deep trouble.

After watching various videos on YouTube yesterday, I thought of giving Street Photography my first attempt. I started clicking while walking on the street and faking my engagement in my iPhone, although that didn’t get me good shots. So, I swung to a different place and thought about trying low angles shots while I sat on the pavement with a nice background- pretty easy..huh 😀 Well! This was where I found my first reasonably nice shot where a guy was talking on phone while walking. One thing I missed today was my earphones because of which I might have got better shots without people staring at me weirdly 😉

Quick Tips(As per a beginner)

  • Carry a headphone if you’re using iPhone, you could avoid some serious stares.
  • Start from a low angle/sit with a focus point in mind, it will not invite people’s attention.
  • Look out for nice backgrounds and wait people to pass.
  • Don’t zoom(read comments below).

The only drawback I found with mobile photography is that I can’t zoom in, because iPhone’s(or any mobile) have optical zoom which gives you grainy pictures(digital noise). I tried using zoom so many times and edit the pictures in Photoshop express later on, still the end result was not even worth the pain.

So rounding up the post here and as I’m still learning, so feedbacks are most welcome. Please do help me learn & grow in this genre as well 🙂


– The Wanderer

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