Should we really celebrate Women’s Day??

I know you must be confused with the above statement but I am really skeptical about this Women’s Day Celebration which is catching rage every year. Do you genuinely believe in this celebration?? *I don’t!!* What’s the actual basis of this celebration – we have come this far where the number of rapes are reduced, women are now given privilege of working (outside home), or are being given equal rights as men(maybe some places). No, for me, that’s not a basis at all. Period!!

People – or rather men – debate that God have divided duties between men & women – It’s the men’s job to go outside for work, earn money & livelihood for the family and women’s role is to take care of the family at home. When did God communicated anything like this?? *God made two sexes with reproduction or growth of all the creatures* and not with superiority and inferiority in mind. Who said Eve was crafted using a bone from Adam’s body?? I honestly think these are just the stories made for fun and ultimately led its way towards a *patriarchy society*. Why only women cook even after coming back from work and not men? Rather I think there should be equal division of work between men & women at all the levels. If you agree with me, *teach your kids – whether boy or a girl – to respect & treat both the genders equally*. I do not support in superiority of any gender, I just strongly believe in equality. The change I’m expecting will come only when we start at home with our kids, brothers & fathers.  

I will celebrate this day when women will not be suppressed anywhere on this planet. I will be delighted when there will be no place where *female genital mutilation* term exists(read more on that here). I will post everywhere on social media the jovial messages when women will be safe to roam anywhere, any time of day. When women in any industry be paid equally then only I will rejoice. When men will agree that women are not *The Weaker Sex* and they have absolutely *NO right to abuse/hit them* behind the closed doors then I will proudly say that we celebrate Women’s Day.

Or maybe we might then reach a stage where there’s *Gender Equality*. I’m not rooting for men to turn ‘Feminist’, I am rather delving for a world where we say proudly we live in a world where *everyone is equal* despite gender, caste, financial status or any medium which divides us.

Spread the word if any of the above words hit that cord in your mind.


– The Wanderer

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