Grandiose of ‘The Humayun Tomb’ – A Photo Journey

Delhi is a city bustling with people, culture and even chaos. What I love most about the capital of India is its vivid history!! For architecture admirers,  history lovers and travel photographers, the Humayun Tomb is a perfect stop in the Indian capital. 

The majestic Humayun Tomb is covered in huge premises and can be overwhelming admiring the architecture from that era. 

One side of the tomb also has Bu Halima Garden containing various buildings too. One of them is the Tomb and Mosque of Isa Khan built in mid of 15th century. It is currently being restored, so visiting inside might not be an option right now but in some time, it will be open for public.


The garden areas are also well structured in the tomb premises. Even the entrance of the gardens is grand and monumental in a way.



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A view of the Barbar’s Tomb – made in memory of the Royal barber who was honored by Humayun.


The entry gate towards the Humayun Tomb is marvelous in terms denoting the grandiose of the tomb as a whole.


Have you seen the tomb in your visit to Delhi? Do share your experience with me!!

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Humayun Tomb - Mosque - Pinterest


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