Eiffel looking like a Painting

Paris can be both overwhelming as well as mesmerizing for first timers! Same was true for me, I fell for the Parisian architecture, its art culture and the historical significance. My visit was in March beginning and yet it freakishly cold and rained all the time and even spoiling some of my plans. 

The very first day when I walked from my hotel and hoped to reach the iconic 324 meters tall Eiffel Tower on foot. The moment I reached Seine River on a cloudy morning I saw the classic tower right in front of eyes unexpectantly beautiful!! No matter where you stand in the French capital, the majestic tower can produce gorgeous photographs from all the angles. Although this particular will have to be my favorite as it gave me entire Eiffel in a single frame with all of the beauty of  Paris captured. Doesn’t this one look like directly out of a painting where a tower is covered in clouds from across a sublime river? 

Want more from the magnificent capital, head to Paris In Pictures for Parisian photography dose!!

Have you been to Paris?? What was your favorite spot for capturing Parisian charm?? Do share your experience with us!!

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— The Wanderer

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  1. Those clouds in the background do look like a painting:) I admire the Eiffel from afar, since climbing stairs is not my favorite thing to do. The Louvre and Musee de Picasso was more meaningful to me. Oh, not to forget eating breakfast and the rolled up chocolate crepes atr a stand. How long were you in Paris?

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    1. Yes, I also skipped the stairs 🙂 though I think I should have atleast tried🙂
      I visited Musee De Orsay and it was surely wonderful. Parisian restaurants cannot be missed for sure🙂 I was there for a short work trip of 10 days. Are you from Paris??


      1. I am from Holland, but have French roots. (And have lived for half of my life in the USA)
        It’s only 5 hours drive by car from Amsterdam to Paris:)
        For someone living in the USA 10 days is long!! A short trip would be a long weekend:)

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      2. Well yeah 10days is no less as well🙂 but for a person who loves to explore..10 days is little less to live in a city and not to forget like a local 😊


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