Let’s cross that bridge, Kasol

Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a nature’s paradise and a famous tourists spot in Northern India. While on our trip, before heading to Manikaran Gurudwara we had a quick detour to Kasol Valley suggested by our cab driver. We found an utterly breathtaking bridge which is used by locals to cross Parvati River only to be headed for another lovely view of the valley.  If you’ve read my post on Manali, then you might be aware how adventurous that bridge was – continuously moving with strong waves & winds because of Parvati river. Upon reaching the center of the bridge, I felt like I will probably fall in the river because of the high tides and windy weather which was more of a perception anyhow. I even thought about going back but thank god I didn’ was a wonderful view on the other side of the hill. I can never ever forget that experience in my life & might even return to feel that breeze again.

View of Parvati river near Manikaran Gurudwara!


Have you heard about Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh?? Share your experience with us.

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– The Wanderer

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  1. Wonderful clicks ! Manali undoubtedly is one of the best Hill stations in all sense ..

    We too visited Manali recently !

    And Here ‘s a short write up from my recently updated Travel Diary about Manali :

    My ‘With Family’ story of a near perfect Hill Station !!(Photograph based )

    Hope you find it interesting ! 🙂

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  2. What an audacious bridge, daring to cross that raging river, full of huge bone crunching boulders below !
    You are very brave to have been in cahoots with that bridge !
    But what really grabbed me was the top picture.. I realize that it’s most likely because I’m viewing this on my droid (zoomed in even 😕)
    But what IS that big fishheaded humanoid crossing towards you like the creature from the black lagoon ? !!!
    I’m guessing it’s distortion, or blurred or something.. It appears to have a right arm holding on to the railing..
    Please tell me it’s a big hat or that I’m crazy and it’s not a fishheaded being..

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    1. Yes it was an adventure for us 🙂
      And seriously your question kept me laughing 😀 Please don’t worry it wasn’t anything close to what you’re thinking. As it is the only medium(others are long) to cross between two hills, locals use it to frequently to transfer things and the one in the picture is also another local carrying something on her head wrapped in a cloth 🙂 So, no fish-headed being, sorry about the confusion caused by picture quality as it’s relatively old picture.

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      1. The picture is awesome to me..
        And the one looking straight down is extraordinary because it can make the viewer feel as if they are there..
        I can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed by any of your pics I’ve seen.. 👍


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