Doors In & Around(Agrasen ki Baoli)

In my last post regarding a step-well in DelhiAgrasen Ki Baoli, I talked about the history & architecture marvel of the water reservoir. Today being Thursday, I want to showcase some doors which I found in and around the Baoli. As the Baoli is located in center of Delhi sort of somewhere hidden between the residential colonies, so I was able to found some doors from the houses as well.

Some doors, specifically can be called metal railings as well from the Baoli which were particularly locked to keep tourists out from the restricted area.

After completing my visit to the step-well, I continued my sight-seeing in the surrounding neighborhood as well where I found these antique doors which clearly seems to be in neglected state and intensely calling out for restoration from their owners.

This one in particular I liked from the residential doors, because of the contrasting color choice, a sewage pipe & a metal box safeguarding the air-conditioner degrading the beauty of the door. But look at the gorgeous dog upholding & relaxing at the entrance adding to splendor of the door.


Posting the images for this week – Norm’s photography feature on doors – Thursday Doors.




– The Wanderer

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