A monochrome yet gorgeous sunrise, Puri


In my last visit to Puri, I couldn’t resist capturing the sun rising over the horizon..Well, what better way to start your day than with a gorgeous sunrise. As it was very crowded at that hour as well, people were bathing in the sea, I decided not to step in the water and simply watch the spectacle. I actually found myself struggling for a spot from where I could utilize empty space in the frame. I did find a spot where people kept coming in and out of the frame which gave a couple of candid shots, out of which I have already posted my favorite one hereAfter taking filling my album from sunrise pictures I happily came back in my room. 


– The Wanderer

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    1. Well the irony was that it wasn’t such a quiet place, there were huge crowds at that early hour as well. I had to find one secluded spot 🙂


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