Taj Mahal – Truth behind the iconic love story!!

The iconic Taj Mahal needs no introduction – the epitome of love with one of a kind architecture!!!

Last month I got a chance(again!!) to visit the iconic Taj Mahal – One of the Seven Wonders of the World. I have been to Taj before as well yet this time I documented it in my camera roll more like a traveler rather than a tourist. 


We started early morning around 5h00 via Delhi-Agra Expressway & reached the outskirts of the town around 8h00. While still on way, we got to know about the new route specially for the Taj without having to enter the main congested town saved us a lot of time. We parked the cab approx. 1.5 kms before Taj and rather than walking till the entry we decided to hop on the government cab at a merely 10/- per person. You might find other options as well including carriage which charge as high as 250/- for that small distance. The entry ticket for Taj can be bought from the office near Parking lot itself. We boarded the cab and it took us no more than 5 mins to reach Taj.


To my surprise, the entry lane to the Taj have improved significantly and the road/shops are much more organised now. We took a small halt at one of the shops to buy sun-glasses & hats as we forgot to bring ours 😦 Moving on, we passed through the security at the entry gate quickly as it was still quiet in the early morning hours. 


As we got inside there was a huge entry gate to the Taj built of red Sandstone. Went ahead within the premises, took a stroll around the beautiful gardens and found the newly restored (still in progress) the shinning white Taj in the front which indeed was mesmerizing in itself


The main complex has two red sandstone monuments mirroring the Taj on left & right side which are also an architecture marvel. One of the building is a Mosque and the other is a Jawab(answer) hall. The Jawab hall later went on to being majorly used as a guesthouse. Some pictures from the monuments below-



After exploring the Jawab hall, we moved on to exploring the exteriors of the Taj facing the holy river – Yamuna moving on in the direction of the Mosque. 


If you’ve read my post about the Humayun Tomb, in Delhi, you might find the next few pictures similar as the outer structure of both the tomb’s is almost alike. Yet the two differ greatly in the use of stones as the former used Red Sandstone and the Taj used White Marble with intricate Mughal style decorations.

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Quick Tip – 

Photography is seriously prohibited inside the Tomb and you might loose your camera/mobile if you try to click as the security officials are safeguarding it. Once you’re out of the main hall where the actual graves are kept, you can click pictures again. You can see one of the pictures here which I clicked from the outer hall of the main tomb of Taj & is a macro shot of a window with a lovely view of the Jawab Hall. After visiting the Tomb coming towards the exit gateway from the gardens, we get a gorgeous view of the Taj.


Have you had the chance to visit this wonder of the world? Do share your experience with me!!

– The Wanderer

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  1. Your pictures certainly reminded me of my first visit to the Taj Mahal. I also traveled on the new highway from Delhi to Agra (so comfortable and convenient!). I could easily visit it again although I would like to visit it at a different time in the day.

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