Doors at The Taj Mahal

Last week I posted about my visit to the iconic monument ~ one of the Seven Wonders of the World ~ Taj Mahal to which I have been numerous times now & forgive me for taking it a little granted as well.My Bad…Sigh!! This time, apart from taking tons of pictures of the Taj, I was also tripping on every door I came across as part of my recently developed doors penchant.

One of the doors of the Jawab hall ~ mirroring the main Taj Mahal – 

Doors which could be found easily in the narrow alleys of the Taj premises. Although most of these look similar, I could resist clicking & be posting them as despite similar built they still look so different.  




– The Wanderer

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    1. Thank you🙂 I’m sure next time your son was mesmerised by the Beauty of Taj and so might have missed the details🙂


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