Want to enjoy a camp in mountainous Narkanda?


                         When nature calls for us…We.Just.Go..!!!

That was something like my last trip to Sangla, Himachal Pradesh,  India which is 16hrs drive from Delhi and you may read more about the journey to Sangla here. Narkanda is almost 10 hrs from Delhi in lap of mountains with apple & deodara trees all over. Just after crossing Narkanda, we stopped somewhere around Kumharsain for breakfast as we driving since past 8 hrs and were desperately in need of a break.


The vigor of the beautifully made restaurant and the lovely little camps left us fascinated. As I mentioned in my other blog here that you may want to take a break after Shimla if visiting Sangla, then this is the place I would recommend strongly!! 


Variety of facilities are available here including camps, amazing restaurant with home like food, bonfire and even wooden huts if you are not prepared for chilly night. 


Luckily the place was not crowded, so we got to enjoy breakfast amidst beautiful mountains with only few families stopping for break. While the breakfast was being prepared, I took a stroll around the camp to capture the beauty and enjoy morning chilly weather.


After such a long drive we even thought of not going to Sangla and just enjoy the rest of vacation at the camp and I think I surely would have regretted that. Although, we continued with the quest with exploring a least explored area (at least I thought!!) in the state. 


Submitting some of these images as part of the Thursday Doors photography feature by Norm.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!! Leave a comment if you liked the pictures 🙂

Continue the voyage!!

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– The Wanderer

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  1. Nice camps in the apple capital. I normally breeze past Narkanda on my way to Kinnaur and beyond. I have not devoted much time in this region, primarily because the accommodations seem to be too costly. But these camps may be a good option for people like me.

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    1. Some locations do have camp setups. In summers/monsoons, it gets chilly but a blanket and bonfire will be sufficient. But I doubt about winters because of snowfall it might get really difficult and one might need thick jackets/coats and heavy blankets to survive the night.


  2. Looks like an interesting place to visit – nice shots.
    Next time don’t forget to swing by and add yours to our link-up list. Just look for the blue button near the end of my post. Cheers 🙂

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