Qatar Airways Review – The Luxury in Economy!

Qatar Airways Official
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As much as I love travelling I also love to fly in different airlines. I have traveled in more than 5 different domestic/international airlines till date and yes I do have a few favorite ones out of these Qatar Airways is surely among the top two. 


It was my first experience travelling with Qatar Airways while travelling from Delhi -> Paris via Doha ~ Hamid International Airport and it was a pleasant one. The layover allowed me to explore the upcoming airport of Doha and already made it to the 2017’s World’s top ten Airports.  

Qatar Airways - Cabin - Economy
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The airline has surprisingly spacious legroom with comfortable seats. The cabin crew provided us nice comfy pillows and warm blanket for a good nights sleep that actually proved helpful to fall asleep even in an economy seat.


There were ample food choices and was served hot & fresh in the airline. As it was a morning flight, we were served breakfast with fresh fruits and coffee/tea for those who (like me) need coffee in morning!! I even got the last vegan pasta in the second leg of my flight from Doha to Paris served hot with cheesy toppings. 

My day is never complete with enough water!!

The cabin crew was extremely courteous and attentive with an helping attitude which was a plus point. I am person with excessive water needs and require water every few minutes. After throwing away my water bottle while going through the security checks I was dependent on the small water cups in the flight but the air-hostesses were very helpful in providing me water as when I asked for  it.  

Somewhere over Doha

On the second leg of my journey from Doha -> Paris, while waiting on the mentioned gate I was informed that the planes have changed at the last moment at all together another corner of the terminal. I literally had to run as I got to know this very late & by the time I reached the new gate all window/aisle seats were full. I got the middle seat left out in an awkward situation for the next 6 hrs. There was only one point where I felt nice about my seat was when I got the very last vegan pasta 😀 Jokes apart, I believe, they should have announced such a big change & must provide people their preferred seats to those who took the pain for web check-in. On second thoughts I believe the airport should also claim responsibility for such events as well.

Travelling is Economy is not that fun but still mostly used by a majority of the fliers. So if I talk about what is best airline for me with maximum facilities – Qatar Airways will fall directly under that category!! It evidently stood by its tagline – A 5-star airline.

Have you traveled via Qatar Airways? Do share your experience with me in the comment box below.

Qatar Airways - Review


– The Wanderer

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Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored review but derived from a personal experience.



  1. I have heard such great and impressive reviews about Qatar airways’ impeccable service. I’ve been using Philippines Airlines when I travel back to my country because it’s affordable. I never looked at other options especially Qatar Airways as I assumed the price is something my pocket will never afford.. but will look into their Economy rates when I fly back! I heard good things about Emirates too, I think those two are really leading the pack in the air travel industry

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  2. I have never had a chance to travel by Qatar Airways. But, it sounds good. Thanks for sharing some of your experience to everyone. The next time, if I have to travel abroad, Qatar will be on my list. Thanks a lot.

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  3. I have never had a chance to travel by Quartar airway. However, it sounds good. Thanks for sharing some of your experience to everyone. The next time, if I need to travel abroad, Quartar will be on my list. Thanks a lot

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  4. Well, I like to travel and I’m not rich 😀 so of course, I have to fly in economy! And this post comes right on time for me, as my family is planning to come visit next March. They need to fly from London to South Africa and my sister mentioned that she found very cheap flights with Qatar, I will share this with her. I have to tell you, from my experience, the worst airline is Air France. OMG. I’m a small person and even I feel the legroom is ridiculous and the seats super uncomfortable; on the other hand, based again on experience, Iberia is excellent. Couldn’t say enough good things about them, but yes, good to know there are other airlines making an effort! I’ve heard Emirates is really good as well, have you try them?

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  5. You said that most people travel economy.I do too. But economy is not always the most comfortable way to fly Consequently, it is good to know that one airline works on making even its passengers in economy comfortable. This is commendable as customer service makes or breaks a business

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  6. Hi – I’ve traveled for more than 20 years for my job, internationally and domestically, but I’ve never flown that airline. It looks much like Lufthansa which to me was top notch! In today’s world of bare bones flying, it’s nice to see some airlines still have the extra service ! Thanks for sharing

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  7. I’ve never flown on Qatar Airways but I definitely want to try that airline now. It looks pretty amazing for economy. The seats actually look roomy and comfortable!

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  8. I have always heard great things about Qatar Airways! Sounds like the rumors are true 🙂 I actually was in one of Qatar’s commercials and was hoping to fly Qatar when I went to the shoot location, but they flew me on Singapore Airlines. Hhahahah, but I wasn’t disappointed cuz Singapore airlines was great too 🙂

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  9. Spacious seats and ample legroom are big ones for me, so I’m glad to see that’s a perk of flying economy with Qatar. I haven’t flown Qatar Airways before, so will see if they have offerings for my next flight.

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  10. I have never flown via Quatar airlines but I have had my fair share of crappy economy flights. I guess I am at that stage where I want a bit of comfort. I would definitely try Quatar airways out especially after your review.

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  11. I’ve travelled Qatar economy from Adelaide, Australia to London – the first leg of that flight is about 13 hours. We found it surprisingly comfortable, and the staff were superb. The food was GREAT, and very plentiful – I was knocking it back by the end of the flight. Although it’d be nice to try Business Class, it costs about 5 times as much, so that’s probably not going to happen. But I’d definitely fly Qatar again!

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