Learn more about over a hundred year old church in Kasauli

A year ago, still fresh in my mind!!

The Wandering Core


A day in Kasauli is caressed with cool winds, clouds crossing your path and the main square loaded with tourists. On one side of the main square lies a church over a century old!! We started our mid-day with the Sunset point – however sun & the views we re hardly visible because of cloud cover all over. The walk to & fro sunset point was a bit tiring so we decided to head towards the main square for evening tea with snacks in a restaurant located in a quaint corner of the road.

The church is pleasantly located on the entry of the town near the bus depot towards the other side of the main square. The exteriors of the Church gave an easy impression of being centuries old with an astonishing historical touch.  The church approximately 163 years old have a beautiful architecture and is oldest in Himachal Pradesh making it…

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  1. Your post refreshed my memories of a visit to Kasauli close to a decade ago. I still remember this church standing in the middle of this hill station. And a park close by. I loved this hill station because it was so peaceful. Just opposite of atmosphere in Shimla

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