Lufthansa Airlines ~ Economy ~ Review – The On-Time Carrier!

Lufthansa ends biofuel trial with U.S. flight
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Lufthansa Airlines needs no introduction – a well-earned name in the Airlines industry. A preferred flight for most of the frequent flyers – business or leisure both – including me. While planning for my trip to Vienna from Delhi, I was really interested in trying a different airline. Although I had an amazing experience already with Qatar Airways, I love flying henceforth like to try different ones. So, when given a choice, I straightforward jumped to a Yes for Lufthansa Economy flight. Although good things come at a higher price, that’s true for flights too. There were other airline options also with relatively low cost, but my excitement drove me into the path of iconic German airline.



The airlines get its name reference from Luftwaffe which was a premier stronghold aircraft fighter in Germany’s role in World War II. Originally the airline was the main carrier in Germany post World War I, although it was merged into Luftwaffe when World War II broke on 1 September 1939. When Hitler lost the World War, then the Allies dissolved the airline soon after. Later in early 1950’s a newer organization Luftag launched a brand new national airline but derived the name of its historical airline but without any legal connection with prior Lufthansa.

#Delhi – Munich

The flight till Vienna was booked with a short 4 layover in Munich which allowed me to explore another airport. My flight was to start from Delhi late night and landing in Germany early morning which might be another pro for those like to save their day. Although I am an anxious flyer and I really can’t sleep at that altitude so I knew I simply had to pass time either way.

Upon entering the aircraft I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it had a 2 – 4 – 2 seating space – I was like WOW!! Can it start any better!! Although my excitement was short-lived as soon as I stepped onto the seat and found myself struggling with accommodating in that little space. I realized the seats are far less wide and legroom is also reduced. At that very moment, I knew I can neither sleep nor work on my laptop so I had to push my laptop bag in the upper compartment with the hope of finding nice in-flight entertainment.

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As the flight was filling with the passengers, some flight attendants started to help them sort out their luggage in the upper compartments. Not a unique gesture…so why mention it?? Because I am a storyteller, thus I would like to highlight a small incident here. When the flight was full, just in the middle seating area, there was a group of friends, and one of them was unable to fit in his luggage in the upper compartment. The flight soon got full and almost everyone else was settled but him!! Then a flight attendant came up to him and spoke to him in a slightly rude manner to do it fast as the flight is about to start. I know Lufthansa doesn’t like delays and is actually famous for being on-time. But this tad incident could have been handled rather politely. That guy got so embarrassed from being called out in public like that he just kept the bag beneath his seat and started murmuring that he’ll do it later. After this little incident, I was also a little intimated of the crew and got more anxious worrying that similar should not happen with me!

#Dinner Time

After everybody settled, we started sharply on time and soon after the dinner was served. Although it was a midnight flight and I already had my dinner prior to boarding the flight I wasn’t that hungry. Yet I hardly say no to meals so that to know whether to opt for them the next time and also to help other travelers know my experience.

Being from India I am used to eating a different style of meat/chicken and don’t really relish raw meat – the kind which I was served in a chicken sandwich in Qatar Airways first leg. So when given an option between vegetarian and non-vegetarian I opted the former. Again one more disappointment in terms of Indian food. When talking in terms of Indian food, we are presented with the typical Spinach and Paneer dry gravy with rice. Apart from this,  Indians are famous for their variety of curry options so am I used to eating rice with something slightly liquidated, so there  I failed to understand how should I eat rice with dry gravy. I assumed that the food wasn’t fresh and thus the gravy dried up mid-way…that’s the only explanation else an iconic name like Lufthansa won’t serve such unusual combination of the main course!! Even the quantity was also a letdown but thankfully I wasn’t that hungry so ate it all.

Moving all, the dinner was wrapped soon and the lights were dimmed!! I started my late night journey with the in-flight entertainment. Although 6-8 hours was difficult to pass with that little legroom.


– If flying via economy in Lufthansa, try to opt for a seat with no seat in front of yours for better and more comfortable journey.

– If flying from India and economy and you enjoy vegetarian food, I would advise inquiring with the crew what is on the platter so as you can lower your expectation beforehand only.

– Bring in your entertainment options like Kindle, iPad or an iPod for occupying yourself in case you are not satisfied with the flight entertainment. It might come handy if you’re traveling on a night flight and the light from the LED screen of your seat might disturb your fellow passenger(s).

– Use an eye mask which might help you fall asleep. Also, if you’re also an anxious traveler like me, it will be a big help.

– Truly an On-Time carrier, chances of delay are less but of-course nothing guaranteed.

Finally, in my opinion, if given an option I might not choose Lufthansa again primarily because of uncomfortable seats.

Did you travel via Lufthansa Economy?? How was your experience with them? Do share with me, would love to hear from you all!!

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– The Wanderer

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  1. This brought back some really fond memories. I studied and lived in Germany for 4 years, so as you can imagine most of my travels from India to Germany were via Lufthansa. I have always been very fond of the airline and found it to be perfect especially when visiting a place in Europe. Although now, I usually search a few of the top airlines and see which one is cheaper and book through them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad I could revive some of your nice memories. Sadly, I had high expectations from the airline and it didn’t come any close that was also disappointing for me. Maybe I need to give them another chance to try to change my perception🙂


  2. This is the sad reality that comes with booking cheap flights. It sucks that it should always be a case of “you get what you pay for”. However, even if the leg room and seating is an issue, customer service is something that they can always work on. Rude service crew is always a turn off for me! Thanks for sharing your honest experience so we know in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, Lufthansa is a costly airline from India, even my experience with slightly cheaper airlines was better both in terms of legroom plus behaviour and even food. I also expect you get what you pay for, but for me that wasn’t the case 😐


  3. As I read your post, I realize, that I’ve never traveled by Lufthansa. Too bad that the crew spoke to a passenger in a rude manner and the food was not really good. But atleast good that they’re ontime!


  4. Interesting! I’ve never flown Lufthansa, and definitely didn’t know the history of their name. Too bad about the plane food, but I can’t say I’m surprised–I’m always mildly shocked when I receive plane food that’s even moderately tasty.


  5. I haven’t flown Lufthansa yet, but I kind of feel like very few airlines cater to passengers anymore. Flying these days feels like a Greyhound in the sky — cramped and far from luxurious. I guess they feel more pressure to stay the on-time airline, than to be polite to passengers.


  6. I’ve flown Lufthansa but many years ago. Good tips on requesting what meal you’d like before the flight. Personally I don’t eat any plane food as it doesn’t make my flight any more pleasant!


  7. I never flew Lufthansa but I know the Germans have an impeccable reputation for quality. Sorry to hear that the vegetarian food was such a disappointment. I like to carry snacks in case I don’t like the meal.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have flown with Lufthansa a few times and would have no hesitation to book with them again. I flew long haul to Bangkok, the German beers and foods are delicious! It sounds like they got you to your destination safely too!


  9. It amazes me how uncomfortable airplane seats are. Especially, those on long flights! I always try to look at my flight on seatguru to prepare myself. I’m heading to Iceland on Friday and going to go precisely that. Thanks for the post!

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  10. When I lived in Germany I always flew Air Berlin (I lived in Berlin and they were more convenient than Lufthansa) but now that they’re bankrupt and no longer exist (sad cry) I might need to turn myself to Lufthansa!


  11. Ooooooh, what an interesting review!! I’ve not yet had the chance to fly Lufthansa. It’s nice to be prepared ahead of time, but I honestly think I could live with the snappy staff and average food if the flight time and price were right. I’m one of the lucky travellers that can usually sleep just about anywhere, which makes me a lot more tolerant of the little things 😉 thank you so much for sharing!!


  12. I’ve flown Lufthansa a few times and I’m not typically super impressed to be honest! I am a bit accustomed to flying KLM and I really like flying with them. With Lufthansa I find they make really short connections that are very hard to make… and then blame you if you miss them! Over all though they are really safe, so I’d fly with them but not my #1 choice!


  13. I did travel with Lufthansa but very long time ago and don’t remember details anymore. I must agree that comfortable seats are very important and I pay attention to that. Also, advice to use eye masks is good. I always do on long haul flights. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Wow, thanks for sharing! I love flying in general but rude encounters at the beginning of the flight just sets for a bad mood. 😔


  15. I have never flown with Lufthansa, so can’t really comment on the customer Service.

    When it comes to airlines, I believe Emirates and Singapore Airlines is the best. Anything below that it’s just average.

    Liked the honesty in your post.


  16. Yes I agree after taking the mid-east airlines like Emirates and Etihad, Lufthansa definitely doesn’t come anywhere near them in terms of service and quality. And they are all very close in prices!! Perhaps the only thing good for us flying from North America to India is getting an even break in a long journey but that is low priority so we usually don’t prefer to take Lufthansa if there is a better option available.


  17. Yes! I love Lufthansa. I’ve flown them (solely economy) several times, including to/from Europe last year, and they’re always great. My favorite airline domestically is Southwest or Virgin America. Abroad, I like BA or any of the Virgin brands or Qantas. Least favorite airline is Emirates, hands down.


  18. I’ve only ever flown coach (and this isn’t likely to change any time soonsince we have small children), so I think I’m used to being crammed into places like cattle, ha! At this point though, anything that isn’t being crammed into a tiny Volotea or RyanAir flight feels practically fancy since there are limited options off the island. We were originally scheduled to be on a Lufthansa flight back to the states in a couple weeks, but ended up having to switch to British. Let’s hope the food is better on that one =-D


  19. I’m used to take short flights with low cost companies, so I really don’t mind what you pointed out in the post. But I can also understand that for longer flights it can be very uncomfortable all the above mentioned, especially the food.
    Would you choose Lufthansa again, then, or would you rather go back to Emirates?


  20. I admire the honesty in this post without sugarcoating. I’ve flown with several airlines and I think my favorite is Asiana Airlines (affordable, great food, entertainment, comfortable etc). I think my experience with Lufthansa is also the same in terms of how big (small) the plane was. I imagined how the flight attended was and it’s something that I don’t want to experience because I don’t know if I can just make myself not talk back. lol
    Great post and honest review!


  21. Thanks for the fair warning about the airline’s poor customer service and lack of leg room. I’ll avoid them as much as possible, for fear of being ridiculed like this poor fella!


  22. I did travel with Lufthansa and I found it alright. The thing is, no European airline can even nearly compete with the Middle Eastern one (Emirates, Qatar), or Singapore Airlines for example. They just don’t have the money. But the price is usually better, so it is a trade off!


    1. I liked Lufthansa too but with a bit of flaw 😉 Well I guess everyone has different perspectives and for me, legroom and good food in economy is the key to surviving a long flight!! I agree the Mid Eastern airlines are better in terms of inflow of money!!


  23. Nice! I must admit that I generally will book flights with the shortest layover times and of course according to budget! The rest I don’t really care about, as long as I get to where I want to 🙂


  24. Nicely written. Good tips and yes you only learn from experience. My favourite is emirates. Expensive but you get what you pay for. However some great deals on emirates when travelling low season. Happy travelling ✈️

    Liked by 1 person

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