Beautiful​ doors and windows from Vienna, Austria

As Billy Joey says – “Dream on, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true. When will you realize… Vienna waits for you.”. Vienna never fails to dazzle anyone, with its beauty in architecture, culture and ever courteous people. 

My senses charged up as soon as I stepped foot out of the train and fall into the magnetic charm of the Austrian capital. 

Beyond the renowned architecture, Vienna got me with its beautiful doors and windows all over. For me, the beautiful doors was another point of interest in Austria. If you’re looking for things to do in Vienna, you must admire the Viennese architecture style. 

Never seen a more beautiful facade with a beautiful door at the corner. 

a corner of a building Vienna

The pattern of the windows and beautiful domes was as hypnotic as it could get. The domes in the residential buildings are the prime Austria attractions for architecture lovers. 

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A building in Vienna

The very first day I got to Belvedere Palace and the entrance of the palace enthralled me with its very uniquely designed and carved metal frame.



While walking around the outer premises of the Belvedere, I found this aesthetically pleasing door. There are a lot of places to visit in Vienna, beautiful door hunting was also one for me. 

Door in Belvedere Palace

A simple door is also as good as the gorgeous ones, keeping its placement in mind. Came across this door while walking down from Upper Belvedere to the lower one looking for a nice photographic angle. Found this hidden beauty instead –

a door in Belvedere Palace

Roaming the streets of the capital I stumbled across this door giving me chill and feel like a Hogwarts door 😉

a huge door in vienna

As much as I have expressed throughout my blog that I am an admirer of doors and windows, I can never get enough of them. The below one is a perfect combination of woodwork, iron carvings and even stone.

Beautiful door in Vienna

I have always been a fan of high rise architecture whether urban or historic. Found this building while finding my way through the Austrian capital. 

Building in Viennaa

The historic city center is a shopper’s paradise, and also a historic landmark with the location of St. Stephan’s Cathedral there. No wonder, I found here at the center also.

Entrance of Omega showroom In Vienna

The Schönbrunn Palace took my breath away with its beautiful exteriors and phenomenal interiors, the decor, the gardens and even including the zoo. I couldn’t help but notice eye-catching doors there as well. Here’s one in full glory – 


How was your experience when in Vienna? Do share your thoughts with me.

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Exquisite Doors & Windows - Vienna, Austria, Europe

Doors & Windows from Vienna, Austria, Europe

Vienna, Austria - Doors and windows

– The Wanderer

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  1. Love the Billy Joel reference! Because of him and that song, Ive been wanted to visit Vienna! This place is on the top of my list for my next visit to Europe! Loved the pictures


  2. So original this post about doors! I also had the same idea (didn’t do yet) because I have so many here in my place. And Vienna, always amazing and interesting location!!


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