Chili’s Grill and Bar – Mexican food at it’s best – Delhi

Never been to either the USA or Mexico, but I am a big time fan of Mexican food. Be it tacos or fajitas, I never shy away from trying something new. When a renowned chain opens up in your hometown, you make sure it’s worth the hype. That was the case for me when I decided to head to Chilis. The ambiance, the light music, and relatively low footfall immediately got me into liking the restaurant. I don’t really prefer the restaurant where there’s a waiting line, and then you have to eat your food and relieve the table fast so that the others in the queue can occupy it. I am a foodie, and the kind who likes to first enjoy the food through bare eyes, then through camera and then enjoy every drink and every bite slowly. Feel me? You’re surely like me then 😉 Hop on to my food review wagon!!


The restaurant throughout have dim lights but was slightly brightly illuminated compared to Farzi Café where I just had been to a few days ago – but still not as per my expectations. The restaurant was relatively free for a Friday lunch which landed us a nice seat. The Chilis menu was well drafted in an easily understandable manner. What I loved about Chili’s restaurant was that they put exact pictures on their menu and food looked actually same which I’ll come to soon.



The restaurant serves continental cuisines and focuses on American, Mexican, Italian and Salads. For this time, I took the call to try Mexican cuisine besides the famous Tacos 🙂 We ordered two Mexican dishes and have smoothies along with them. Burrito is already a well-knoy name and so we thought let’s try one. Another was Skillet Jambalaya which was actually recommended by the staff. Given my love for fruit drinks, I thought to try smoothies here and so went ahead with Peach fantasy and Berry Delight. You might think why one of each? It’s a trick I learned that it’s better to try one and then order again if you like it. Agreed?

Right before the drinks arrived, plates arrived with silverware yet a different kind of knife which I have never seen a restaurant yet!! It kind of took me straight to my mum’s kitchen, because this wasn’t the kind used in fine dining restaurants. Despite that, I liked the change, would you??

The staff asked for water options – regular or mineral. I opted for regular. I used to think that regular water in India is no-go, as it’s not filtered in most places. But recently only I got to know that in *nice* restaurants, even the regular water is filtered. The difference from bottled water is that it’s not *typical* mineral water and rather purified through Aquaguard or RO. So, in case you’re dining in a nice, well-located restaurant, it’s safe to go with regular water. Seconds later, I was surprised when we served with water in a pitcher.. yes a pitcher!! How unique is that? I always appreciate the thoughts behind such attempts


I guess I have already established that I love fruits – practically all sorts of fruits – So forth smoothies or even mocktails are my drinks. Mocktails are usually placed in the food menu section only & the cocktails/alcohol menu is separate one in most resto-bars. Well moving on, out of all the fruits, Berries, and oranges tend to be my pick.

Berry Delight is a typical smoothie found in a variety of Indian restaurants. Just a few days ago I had one in Chandigarh, that was way better than and, way thicker than the one at Chilis. So I had my hopes high, so the Berry delight here was slightly underwhelming for me but good enough.

Peach Fantasy is another similar smoothie based on Peach syrup, Passionfruit and orange juice giving it little tangy flavor. It was sweeter than the Berry Delight which was odd as I expected to be more tangy. 

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They had an amazingly fast service as I didn’t expect the food to arrive that quickly. We were served with Burrito with black beans and Chipotle Aioli. For those who are new to Mexican flavors – Burrito is nothing but a flour tortilla stuffed with a variety of things and closed in a cylindrical form. As we ordered a vegetarian Burrito, it was stuffed with Chipotle rice, corn salsa, missed cheese, guacamole, and Pico de Gallo.


Chipotle Aioli was a different kind of mayo and yet very delicious. Although I was a tad disappointed by the black beans, as I couldn’t relish their flavor despite the fact that they’re one of my favorite type of beans or maybe they simply lacked the kind of flavor I was expecting. The outer wrap was slightly hard and even difficult to eat with silverware. Yet, it was different but I will recommend the second dish which was being recommended to by the staff.


I guess first time in my life I might have ordered a dish whose name was completely foreign to me and literally sounded exotic. I liked the picture the staff showed me in the menu when I asked for a recommendation in a fajita. Sometimes, the recommendations by the staff introduce you to amazing dishes but it can go wrong as well. As it was my birthday, so I decided to give it a try, and man I was so pleased that I went ahead with the recommended dish. Skillet Jambalaya is the one I’m referring to.


As they said on their menu that “Everyone on your table will want some!!” Well, that was completely true. Chipotle rice was the main ingredient of the dish although the addition of the Jambalaya sauce added a ton of flavors. Merged with roasted veggies, coriander, and green onions Jambalaya was a perfect dish for me.


For me, the highlight of the dish was cottage cheese – that too in excellent quantity and slightly roasted and partially sliced in small pieces placed just on top on the dish & decorated with coriander. No amount of words or adjectives can describe how tempting and really was a challenge to resist. This was truly one of those dishes whose taste will remain with me for a long time and Skillet Jambalaya will surely make me return to Chilis.


The restaurant is reasonably priced in the fine dining range. All these dishes cost us as low as 1400 INR or 25$. The non-vegetarian dishes will cost slightly more but still, the place will cost all in all below $50. 


Chili’s is literally located in almost every corner of Delhi. Located in well-known Ambience Mall – both Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj one. If you’re staying near South Delhi, you can head to either the Ambience Mall – Vasant Kunj one or set foot in the DLF Place Mall in Saket. If you’re in the center of Delhi, you can easily found in Connaught Place’s M-Block of the outer circle. Staying near Noida – don’t worry, there’s one in the DLF Mall of India also. Not to mention the one located in West Delhi’s renowned Pacific mall. Feel like reading more reviews from foodies like us, head to Zomato for a specific restaurant. 

#The Verdict

I was really pleased that I tried Chili’s Grill & Bar considering my known love for Mexican food. The service was superbly fast and the staff was helpful even provided recommendations for first-timers at their restaurant. There’s always a leverage with global names, but it’s pleasant to actually witness what makes them a global name and how they maintain it. Anyone looking for Mexican/American food in Delhi, I would strongly recommend Chilis.

My Rating 4 Star

Don’t forget to dine in here while your visit to Delhi, India

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– The Wanderer

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