Diwali around the corner!!

Hello folks!!

The past month had been very busy for me with the renovation work we had in our home and right after that Diwali is around the corner(in just 3days from today).

In India, Diwali is like the Christmas of the West. Diwali is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness. People decorate their home with lamps and lights and  which is why it is also known as festival of lights. The markets are decorated weeks before Diwali month and are over-flooded with people to shop for gifts and home décor. The traffic usually go on a higher side in the last few days when Diwali is approaching.

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Diwali is usually a 3-day festival which falls in ‘Kartika‘ month of the Indian calendar. First day is ‘Dhanteras‘ which is an auspicious day for purchasing any gold, silver or utensils. So, on Dhanteras jeweler shops and home décor shops are swamped with people trying to buy anything for the Dhanteras prayer in evening.

Second day is commonly known as ‘Choti Diwali‘ or ‘Naraka Chaturdashi‘ – a day after Dhanteras. It is usually celebrated by early morning rituals and the festivities are on for the entire day.

The Third day is ‘Diwali‘ which is the festival of lights. People decorate their homes with flowers and rangoli and share gifts. The day is followed by evening prayer(puja in Hindi) for Laxmi – goddess of prosperity. Followed by the prayer the celebrations continue with the crackers with family and friends.

I will be sharing some pictures for each day, hope you all will like them.

Ciao for now.

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