Diwali – The Final Day

Hi there,

I hope you all are in good health.

This will be my final post for Diwali which is already gone for 4days now, but I wasn’t much available to blog as there was much work to do – house cleaning, shopping, gifts distribution and finally home decoration 🙂

As you might have read a little bit about Diwali here, I would just like to brief once more what Diwali is all about. Diwali is a Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of light over darkness. That’s the reason people decorate their homes with diyas, electronic lights and candles. Rangoli also plays a very part of Diwali decorations which is created using colors or flowers on floor and it is thought to bring good luck to the home. Rangoli is a very important aspect of the Diwali prayers as the prayers are offered to the goddess Lakshmi(for wealth and prosperity). In the evening, after the prayers are offered to the goddess Lakshmi, people usually burn crackers as a part of the celebration(although I’m little scared of the crackers and also slightly against because of the pollution issues here in India).






That’s all for Diwali.



– The Wanderer

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