Exploring sunset point in Kasauli

Kasauli a small town in Himachal Pradesh, India is a choice for a quick getaway for weekends and a short trip to hills to beat the city heat so did we in the hot months of June. It was an impromptu trip and hardly 7-hour journey from Delhi so we started early morning around 05:00 Hrs and thanks to our decision to start early, we were able to skip the traffic jam on the Delhi border. 


Leaving the city early had its own benefits – we touched down Chandigarh in almost 3.5 hrs and stopped at a Haldiram’s Restaurant before the town for early breakfast and tea. After an hour of break, we started in hope of reaching early, but ran out of luck soon as my brother missed a red light and got a ticket by the cops 🙁 Note – Drive very carefully around Chandigarh as driving rules are very strictly followed there!! Anyway, after all that mess, we entered Himachal Pradesh via Panchkula highway in less than an hour. The entry to the state was a pleasant view and we were welcomed with cloudy weather and touching down noon didn’t feel like one.

Upon reaching Kasauli around 12:30 Hrs we were lucky to found the very last family room near the main square. Note – Always book rooms in advance while visiting hill stations from May-July as people rush to avoid the heat. We later got to know that the town ran out of rooms. You might ask why, because Kasauli is an army base with a restriction on hotels so only a there are only a handful hotels. We relaxed for a while in the room and planned to explore the town starting from Sunset point which was 1.5 km trek from our hotel. The pleasant cloudy day turned the trek into a pleasant nature walk.

Although I was a little disappointed as clouds blocked the views from the hilltop and there was just a white cottony cover to look onto. The place was also restricted to not allow any hawkers or any shops, so there was literally nothing to do except clicking pictures. 

Have you been to Kasauli?? Do share your experience with us!!

– The Wanderer

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