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Last month, I was fortunate enough to be nominated by The Finicky Cynic for her newly created tag – The Car pool. I am already a big fan of her writing, her travel stories and I guess almost everything. Her blog is for anyone who is interested in travel and reading adventurous stories with a personal touch. I am following her blog since the beginning of my blogging days and since then am an avid reader of her blog, I think I have tried my best to convince you all to go and check out her blog – so go and read her lovely stories. But wait – first read my answers for the tag I received from her – 

Rules – 

  • Thank the person who tagged you in their post.
  • Link back to the original creator of the tag – The Finicky Cynic
  • Pick your car (model, size, color, etc.).
  • Answer the questions (can be either real people in your life or celebrities/fictional characters).
  • Tag as many bloggers you would like to do the tag.

The Tag –

* The Car – A huge black Fortuner by Toyota with seating of 8 people amazing for a road trip.

1. “The Driver” – *Hrithik Roshan* with his expensive car!! I would love to see him drive..would you??


2. “The Shotgun” – *Alia Bhatt* – an upcoming Bollywood actor from the famous Bhatt family with an infectious smile with deep dimples.. Don’t you love her too??


3. “The Radio DJ” – *Shahid kapoor* – Isn’t he the perfect choice for a hot DJ?? Oh by the way, he’s my favourite actor too and I completely adore the way he’s worked his way up in the industry.


4. “The Back Seaters” – *Farhan Akhtar* – The *Poet* from Zindagi na milegi dobara – Love this poetry from that movie. Ever saw an Indian travel movie?? This one is not to be missed. His beautiful Hindi poetry was another reason for me to watch the movie over and over again. Second *Benedict Cumberbatch* I would love to sit with him and literally watch him for as long as possible – Hope you’ve guessed here – Yes!! A big Sherlock fan!! Last place for me just next to Benedict 😉  I love driving but on a road trip I prefer to have a laid back attitude and enjoy the road with music and amazing book in hand!!


farhan akhtar

5. “The Carsick” – Hands down – *Ranveer Singh*!! Gosh he is the perfect combination of humour, sexy and bold!!



Nominees –

  1. MackMarie
  2. Suitcase and wanderlust
  3. Lynn Goes Around
  4. Awa on the road


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