Must Visit Tourist Places of Odisha, India

Visiting Jagannath Puri in Odisha for starting your way through the char dhams? Wondering what are the famous tourist places of Odisha one must see? I’m going to present some of the extraordinary pictures of Odisha to convince you to travel to Odisha in India.  

Odisha snugged in the eastern corner of India is an alluring state filled with terrific history, phenomenal architecture, renowned temples and gorgeous beaches. 

Famous Tourist Places of Odisha

#Puri Beach for Sunrise

Puri is well known for famous for Jagannath Temple – an acclaimed temple as one of the important part of char(4) dhams in Hinduism. Although, Puri also a has coastal line along the Bay of Bengal. The Puri Beach aka Golden Sea beach is one of the clean beaches in India. That said, it is also quite crowded especially in evenings and early mornings mostly with tourists from nearby states. And why not, if the sunrise is this gorgeous, who would want to miss it.

Tourist Places of Odisha | puri beach, Odisha, India

Don’t miss watching the irresistibly beautiful sun rising over the horizon. The main coast is usually filled with people bathing in the sea. So, if you would like to click pictures, I suggest walking toward the other ends of the beach. Like this picture? Me too, as it was also a sure shot hit on Instagram also, & it also got me featured in CN Traveler(India) page. Sunsets are also gorgeous on the Puri Sea beach but we don’t get to see the sun getting down the horizon line. So, the pictures might not be as appealing as the sunrises. Puri indeed tops from the list of the famous tourist places of Odisha, but there are others also.

#Konark Sun Temple for Architecture

A UNESCO world heritage site Konark‘s Sun Temple is as photogenic as it gets with the history and exceptional architecture. Attracting millions of visitors annually, Konark temple is surely one of another famous tourist places of Odisha. 

Tourist Places of Odisha | konark temple Odisha Temple

Although the main premises of the Sun temple are closed for visitors considering the temple is mainly destroyed for unknown reasons. The restoration work is visible and we’re hoping to see the interiors soon! 

#Shanti Stupa for Peace Pagoda in Dhauligiri

A lesser-known Peace Pagoda in India is Shanti Stupa in Dhauli district Odisha. Located on outskirts of Bhubaneshwar city, Shanti Stupa is a must visit from Odisha. Go early to get amazing photographs from the stupa located on a hilltop for amazing countryside views. 

Tourist Places of Odisha | Shanti Stupa Odisha India

Visit Shanti Stupa in Dhauli to learn how King Ashoka turned from Warrier to the preacher of Buddhism. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Ashokan Edicts where you can even see the Brahmi Script also. 

#Temples of Odisha for architecture lovers

Also known as “City of Temples”, Bhubaneshwar almost has at least 600+ temple with Lingraja and Mukhteshwar being most famous. Mobiles or camera are not allowed inside Lingraja Temple but allowed in the later. The intricate work on the architecture is worth acknowledging. Temples of Odisha are surely a major attraction from the state. 

Tourist Places of Odisha | A temple in Bhubaneswar Odisha India


#Chilika Lake

The largest brackish in Asian continent should be on the must-see places in Odisha. Famous for hosting the migratory birds in the winter season, it is a heaven for bird lovers and photographers. My favourite pictures of Odisha surely include the Chilika Lake because of the serenity I found there.

A boat owner in Chilika Lake Odisha India

An area still developing and unknown to tourists, the lake still has archaic boats with electronic motors. The terribly noisy motors can be a turn off for some but the amazing views of the lake, one can easily get lost in the colours of the lake!

#Breathtaking Countryside

Coconut trees all around, homes and villages with small ponds and fishes lying out in the open for drying, Odisha’s countryside must be explored. Just like me, you will also love beautiful pictures of Odisha which includes its countryside. 

Tourist Places of Odisha | Countryside view of Odisha India

Countryside of Odisha, India

#Marine Drive of Konark

A beach far less touristy than the Puri’s Golden Sea Beach is Konark‘s Marine Drive. Almost a deserted coastline fewer shops in the nearby market, Konark beach is the perfect place to relax.

Konark Beach Odisha India

#Udaygiri Caves

The Udaygiri caves are originally from 2nd-century caves & located very near to the Bhubaneshwar’s International Airport. The Udaygiri caves belong to the Jain community and located on a hilltop offering amazing views of the Bhubaneshwar city. 

Tourist Places of Odisha | Udaygiri Caves Bhubaneshwar Odisha India

#People of Odisha

Wandering on the Puri’s Sea Beach, one can easily notice the locals humble and eager to help you out. Met these kids on my last day in Puri and look how excitedly they posed for me 🙂

Tourist Places of Odisha | A kid in Puri Odisha India

Tourist Places of Odisha | Kids in Puri Odisha India

Odisha’s Chandipur beach is also one of the places you must include in your Odisha itinerary. We missed it last time but hoping to see it someday. 

Have you considered travelling to Odisha? Share your thoughts with me!

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