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Travel Memories Ideas – Photojaanic Frame Review

In today’s digital era, we have the custom of storing everything on the phones, laptops or cloud. But there’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to our travel pictures on the wall. Call me old-fashioned, but I am a big fan of photo frames, either table top, or wall hangings. I want to keep my travelogues close and so Photojaanic hit me with new travel memories ideas. 

Quite recently I stumbled upon Photojaanic where I saw a variety of frames with a theme dedicated to travel. I knew I found a perfect place which I can finally choose to get my pictures framed by. Received my first frame from them, I want to share my honest review. I hope my recommendation helps you with the process to buy photo frames online via Photojaanic

So, let’s dive into the process and I’ll help you decide if you’d like to order from Photojannic.

Travel Memories Ideas Photojaanic Frame Review

The best way to preserving the travel memories is through photographs. I love photography and clicks hundreds or pictures. But I like the pictures in frames in my room. So, I’m going to show you how to use Photojaanic for preserving yours in 5 easy steps. 

How to Order from Photojannic?

I will walk you through the entire process from step one till the final order receiving. 

Step 1 – Select a Picture

When I visited the site and decided to give Photojaanic a try, the first thing was me to go through the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of pictures I have. It’s not an easy task to pick one. I picked one from my first solo travel to Paris, a candid one which I completely love. One thing to note is select a picture of at least 1.5 MB or 1000px X 800px wide. It will prevent the picture to come out blurry. I chose the one with 4000 px and the final product looks absolutely lovely. 

Step 2 – Set up an account on Photojaanic

The pleasure of choosing Photjaanic is its complete online process and you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home just for getting a picture framed. The first step would be to sign up on the site which is a pretty straightforward process. All we need an email address and select a password and we’re all set. 

Photojaanic sign up process

Sign up and get 50% off a mounted print before the offer expires, how great is that to be welcomed by great discounts. 

Next, log into the site and browse the various options ranging from photo books, mounted prints, gallery canvas, and wall photo frames. I love the wall frames, and because I was already planning to get one for my room so I chose the same. 

Step 3 – Select The Product

Go to the product you like from the main menu in the top bar. As I chose a wall photo frame and so I went to the Wall Art section and selected wall photo frame. 

Wall photo frame screen

The wall photo frame is perfect for creating a story through the pictures. Various size options are available which I loved, as I don’t have to choose from multiple sections.

If you’d like to browse based on themes, then head to All in the main menu on the top. On the page, the Occasions are mentioned including travel, weddings and kids. Isn’t Photojaanic perfect for all your needs?

Step 4 – Start the Project

Select a size and click on the button “Get Started” to start the project. Start by selecting a theme, and choose Full Image one, it will project the picture on the full frame. The project screen will load where you can customize the image before proceeding to the final image. The project customization screen has a big preview screen in the middle and a menu on the left bar. 

Photojaanic Project Empty Preview

How to Customize your picture?

The left bar has various options – photo, filters, borders, text, background and clipart. 

The first step is to add a photo. As this will be your first time, select the “Add Directly” option and select upload photo button. Choose the picture you selected above and add it here. 

Photojaanic - Text Preview

If you’d like to add borders, clip arts or text, you can go to them next. I like my picture as it is but I want it as a memory. So I added a text with year and place in the corner. For adding text, you’d have to select “Add Empty Text Box” and then add the text and customize as you like. 

Step 5 – Check out & Buy

Preview your picture using the button in the top right and select “Add to Cart” once you’re done making the changes. Check out the product, add a coupon code if available, and make the online payment. The product will be delivered to you in no time. I got my frame delivered well packaged using bubble wrap. 

Why Should you use PhotoJaanic?

– The simple and easy process from the beginning until the end makes it an excellent choice. 

– The quality of the paper used is fine, the glossy paper shines a bit but not too extreme like the ones available in the market. 

– The customization options available are amazing, starting from the themes, and then the types of pictures and the project set up is nicely organized. 

The Cons I noticed

– The frame options are limited to a maximum of 12X12. I already have a frame at home which is much larger. I’d love to see if they include larger frame sizes in the future. 

The Final Picture – 

The unwrapping of the box gave me this as the final product which looks gorgeous. 

I liked the final product, do you? I plan to buy the smaller sizes too to make a complete layout. I recommend trying out Photojaanic.

Although the post is sponsored by Photojaanic, yet all views and thoughts are my own and unbiased. 

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts with me.

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Travel Memories Ideas | How to preserve Travel Memories

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