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About me

I’m Shivani, born and brought in New Delhi, India and completely in love with my home city. I’m a software developer by profession and an avid book lover with a book in hand mostly. I am a die-hard foodie, all-time chai fan, and a coffee addict.  I prefer vegetarian food over its counterpart. Being grown up in India made me a huge fan of Mughlai food, including non-vegetarian. Throughout my blog, you’ll find various references to my love for Indian food. Yet, I never shy away from trying anything, well…not anything…sea-food sends a chill through my spine, so anything but that. Love to keep myself engaged by planning my next expedition and also enjoy impromptu trips. I am usually the person behind the camera, not so good in front of the camera 😉 

The Wandering Core Author - Shivani

Why ‘The Wandering Core’? 

Moving on, to my next passionate commitment – Travel – bringing a shine to my eyes, smile at my lips and excitement in my heart. 

Despite traveling a lot since childhood, I never thought to jot down my quirky stories. Although always had a yearning towards writing, but ultimately landed me a job in IT industry. Fast forward to 2017, the year I turned 30, I started sharing my travelogues through “The Wandering Core” with a self-promise to take more risks and travel more with a passion to visit as many countries as possible before *actually* leaving this world.

Still Single, I sometimes travel solo and also with my family and try to break that corporate bondage with a dream to become free one day.

Thus said, the blog will mainly cover my travel stories, (a lot of) photography, travel tips, & hotels/restaurants and flights reviews I have been to. 

Countries I have traveled to – India (still exploring), France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary till date…

*Do what you love and love what you do!!* I guess its never too late to start chasing your dreams, I started mine…What about you?

Stay in Touch

Would you like to discuss anything with me, any travel related queries, or anything you want to know about my country/ city? Or if you just want to be friend with me or have a chat, then I don’t mind at all. 🙂 

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Some of the articles on the blog may contain affiliate links regarding hotel, services or books from which the blog generated revenue. If any of them have been obtained for free and the information is clearly marked in the article. I don’t recommend or endorse anything on the blog which I don’t believe in. 

I have strict guidelines for accepting the sponsored content of any kind.

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20 thoughts on “About The Wandering Core

  1. Image Earth Travel says:

    Great site and I’ll be back!

    Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography site.

    I solo-backpacked in India for only a month back in 1985, when a 35mm camera was the only available tool in technology. I mostly used slide film. Check some images at my blog and let me know what you think.

    • Shivani says:

      I think I can assure you..you won’t be disappointed 🙂 Delhi has ample amount of well-known (& hidden) historical gems which can keep one intrigued. Hope you make your way to Delhi sooner than later 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Just want to let you know that when I click your gravatar, it shows that you site is no longer available and when I do a google search, a number of your sites show the same. Until I clicked this one on Google search…

  3. meenas17 says:

    “Do what you know and love what you do”– Like your words.
    You have put the reality nicely.
    Thanks for following my blog Meenas Poems .
    How do yu find the poems?
    All the best.

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