The Wandering Core is now open for guest posts from bloggers & travel writers. I, Shivani, ensure that all the published content is of high-standard and original. So without further ado, I present my guidelines and requirements:

1. Niche 

Anything from travel guides, itineraries, foodie guides, unheard/ off-beaten places, restaurant recommendations, basically anything travel related. A special mention to historic places, cities or mountains will surely find a place on TWC, just the idea has to be unique. 

Please don’t pitch me articles catering 80% lifestyle with 20% travel content, those will be rejected. 

2. Fresh unique content not published anywhere else

I will verify the content for plagiarism. I would definitely like the post to be google friendly, with well-researched keywords in place and minimal changes required. Please don’t send me any post in a hurry, I present high-quality content to my readers which can be found on Google too. The post will be shared on all of my social media channels.

3. Word Limit

Minimum 1000 words, the more the better, you know Google rules!

4. Photography

As photography is an important part of TWC, I would expect at least 2-3 high-quality pictures – 900 px wide for horizontal pictures or 800 px for vertical images. If you have low-quality pictures, please let me know, I will use stock photos.

5. Backlinks

You will receive a do-follow link to either to your blog homepage link or one related post link. I do not encourage paid or sponsored guest posts, and I never accept any payment to place a do-follow link on my site.

6. SEO Optimised

I accept fresh content, which should be optimised for SEO as much as possible from the author’s side. On that note, I won’t reject based on SEO, but it’s a nice-have. I may update it a bit at a later stage, but I’d prefer it to be already optimised & not having to change your article. 

7. No Commercial Content

I DO NOT accept posts from companies, tours & travels or hotels/landmarks’ sites posing as bloggers in exchange for a backlink. I work only with bloggers & travel writers/freelancers having their personal blog(where backlink will only be provided to their blog & not to the magazine/work website).

That said, I would expect a small around 100-word bio about the author. Make it interesting. 


Please note

  • Your post may be edited further for SEO if found necessary.
  • I may use affiliate links on the guides or itineraries.
  • I will create one or more pin images for Pinterest (using your picture, will use stock ones if not available). Please confirm if you don’t like me to use your pictures.

***Note: Guest Posts are only considered if the writer has proven research on my niche and style. I do not offer do-follow links for payment and only work with bloggers and travel writers at this time. ***

Send me your Ideas and Write for TWC!

If the above didn’t scare you and you think you have a nice idea or a topic in mind for The Wandering Core, please shoot me an email at I will get back to you within 5 business days.

Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to TWC and I look forward to your ideas!