A Stranded Door in Delhi, India

Where we live sometimes we tend to ignore several things of that particular area. I live in a typical Delhi – style apartment which I think is less beautiful than some other parts of the same city. Despite this, ever since I started to participate in Norm’s Thursday Doors weekly photography feature I am able to look for beautiful/unique places/doors – even in the close proximity of my residing area. I’m living in my current apartment since childhood and always used to go to a particular park well-known for any events, marriages(hosted there) or just for routine walks. There I found this magnificent door which I have been overlooking for years and never actually saw this being opened – so I’m calling it as ‘Stranded Door‘.


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Stranded Door - Delhi, India


– The Wanderer

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  1. Hi dreamer. It’s good to know that there is another Delhi-ite posting doors with Norm. Look forward to seeing more of them.

    1. Thank you🙂

  2. Love this door. And it’s a perfect example of why it’s so productive to look more closely at everything in familiar territory like our own neighbourhoods.

    1. Thank you so much🙂
      And Yeah!! That’s why I’m now working on being more observant 🙂

  3. What a lovely find! Thanks for sharing it.


    1. Thank you.. So glad you liked the picture 🙂

  4. Oh I really like this one. The contrasting colours draw the eye in for a longer look.
    From what I’m reading I think you’ve caught the door bug 😉
    You’ll be noticing interesting and unusual doors wherever you go now 😀

    1. Thank you so much🙂
      Yes, and I think I like this door bug 😀
      Hope to keep finding more and more unique doors in future🙂

  5. Gorgeous! So much texture and contrast!

    1. Thank you. Glad you liked the picture 🙂

  6. An intriguing door – it looks as though an older building has been swallowed by a later one.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yes it indeed looks like one 😀

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