How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi

Planning to visit Sangla Valley? Delhi to Sangla Valley is less than 600 km is a perfect relaxing getaway for a long weekend. The way towards Sangla Valley is not only one of the gorgeous road trips but also world’s deadliest roads.

Sangla Valley is in upper Kinnaur district with a small village in Himachal Pradesh, India. A valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains covered with Deodar trees and river at its foot, the village is natural beauty at its best. The high altitude of the upper Himalayan gives the land suitable environment for apple plantation and wherever you roll your eyes to apple farms are easily spotted. Friendly locals, a hint of Tibetan culture is Sangla for tourists and a mountain lover’s paradise. Being a photography lover I captured tons of pictures not only in Sangla valley but also on the entire route from Delhi to Sangla valley.

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After finally decided for a 3 day trip to Sangla Valley, we referred Google maps predicting 14+ hours journey from Delhi. When visiting with family we generally prefer to hire a cab and rather not drive on such a long route Yup, with family I prefer more of a relaxed travel and not a tiring trip. We are a firm believer in enjoying the stunning landscape than focusing on the drive. Going by the thorough research we did and the road conditions, we decided that it would be better to hire a cab. You might wonder why considering me and my brother could drive? Because the roads in the upper Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh are some of the World’s Deadliest Roads and if you’re not an experienced driver in steep mountains it’s advisable to not drive on your own. Still, fancy a drive on your own…? Then, read more from Helena’s road trip to gain some insight and tips that might prove fruitful before embarking your journey from Delhi to Sangla valley.

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Mountains in Himachal Pradesh

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Because we were not driving ourselves, we planned & started from Delhi to Sangla Valley at night around 22h30. Crossed Chandigarh by 03h30 and once we touched the hilly area the speed dropped by half. We drove non-stop for almost another 3 hours, stopping around Shimla for morning tea and then reached Narkanda where we found the lovely nature camp. Tired of such long drive with minimal breaks we were literally exhausted by the time we reached our destination around 14h00. 

If you plan to visit the picturesque village of Sangla valley and want to avoid the mistakes we made, read further on how to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi.

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Way to Sangla valley Himachal Pradesh India

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi, India

#By Car

If anyone asks me how to reach Sangla valley from Delhi, I would promptly answer going by your own car is truly one of the best ways to reach Sangla valley from Delhi. It is an almost 16-hour journey via road from Delhi despite Google suggesting only 14 hours. The route includes Delhi – Chandigarh – Shimla – Kufri – Narkanda – Rampur – Karcham – Sangla. Another alternative route may include Manali in place of Shimla, but that again has its level of difficulties as that incorporates Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass is also closed in winters, so if you plan to visit from Delhi to Sangla Valley, Manali is not an ideal choice of route. We chose a Maruti Suzuki Desire (sedan) which made the ride highly delicate and ultimately the road journey turned out to be arduous in the end. If you are not traveling in a comfortable car – preferably an SUV or don’t prefer long drives,  I would strongly recommend you should stop for a night stay somewhere around Shimla or Kufri. Kufri and Shimla both are tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh and will give you spectacular views to soothe your mountain-buds. You may then continue the journey the next day providing you plentiful time to soak in the beauty of Sangla Valley. 

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Kinnaur Mountains in Himachal Pradesh India

#By Train

As Sangla valley is at 8,530 feet above sea level and still developing so, unfortunately, no direct trains are available till here. Yet, some distance from Delhi to Sangla Valley can still be covered via train. There are various trains till Shimla from New Delhi with interchanges available. From Delhi to Kalka the train takes almost 6 hours which is the interchange point. From Kalka to Shimla Toy train is available – moving at an average speed of 18 km so it will take almost 5 hours till Shimla. But the train route will mesmerize you with breathtaking views of the Himalayan state. Upon reaching Shimla, you may take a bus or hire a private cab for the journey till Sangla valley. Although cars are ideals, if asked for how to reach Sangla valley from comfortably with an advantage of incredible views, I would probably choose trains.

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Himachal Pradesh Mountains

#By Flight

There are two airports which can help to cover at least half way from Delhi to Sangla Valley. One being in Shimla is the closest one and other in Kullu near to Manali. Take a bus or a private taxi to cover the rest of miles from Shimla or Kullu. There is also an alternate air-route with Rampur having helipad facility so this can also be tapped but this may involve an extra hit to your budget. I would choose flights as an ideal medium to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi for those who are short on time yet like to visit the incredible and unexplored Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Way from Delhi to Sangla valley Himachal Pradesh India

#By Bus

Sangla valley is almost cut off from the parts of the country in terms of no direct medium to reach there. As per date, no direct buses are available from Delhi to Sangla valley. But Shimla does cater some bus services till Sangla valley so again the journey needs to broken in parts if you’re planning to visit Sangla valley via bus. From Delhi, Volvo buses are available from Himachal Roadways which are nice and comfortable as opposed to the non AC ones. The drivers are a lot competent but yes sometimes a tad rash as well. So keep this mind before cursing your way on your entire journey from Delhi to Sangla Valley. Those with weak stomach & fear of heights then non-AC buses are best so open windows will be of relief. It’s no mystery that I’m not a bus-travel person, but it is the best mode to reach Sangla valley from Delhi for budget travelers.

Have you visited Sangla valley yet? What medium did you choose while deciding on how to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi? Do share your experience with me.

How to reach Sangla Valley from Delhi | Sangla Valley from Delhi | Sangla Valley | Delhi | India | Asia | travel | Road trip | #india #asia #travel #sanglavalley #thewanderingcore

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  1. Gorgeous shots of nature. Sangla valley looks amazing for all nature lovers and a great breakaway from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. I’ll love to visit soon.

  2. Wow, 16 hours in the car I’m not sure I could do that. I definitely think I would choose one of the other routes that seem a lot more efficient. It’s always hard when I travel because sometimes I want to go cheaper and sometimes I want to go faster. All depends on your budget and timeframe.

  3. You have listed some beautiful options to reach Sangla valley. I would prefer road trip as it must be along beautiful mountains, valleys and natural scenery. By air it must be fast to reach so confused which way of travel, I would prefer. You have taken nice shots along the road specially that big rock.

  4. This is a really great guide! Directions are so stressful for me, so if I ever plan on going to Sangla, I’ll come and read this again since you laid everything out so clearly.

  5. I’ve never visited Sangla Valley but it looks so picturesque. I may be visiting India next year so I will try do the car journey in the 14 hours Google suggests! The road trip looks unique with the cliff overhanging the road!

  6. Wow stunning pictures! I want to go backpacking around the world within the next few years and I haven’t decided yet if I want to go through India. If I do, I’ll definitely consider hiring a driver like you did, thanks for the tip!

  7. Love logistical posts like this, they’re so helpful when it comes to planning travel. Those mountains are so beautiful, too. India has such incredible diversity in its landscapes!

  8. I had not heard of the small village of Sangla before, so I need to look it up. The views on the way there looks stunning and I would be wanting to stop all the time to take photos, especially at the rock formation. However those roads look scary but it sounds like the best option still especially with it being a developing place.

  9. This is such helpful information! I had no idea about this place and it looks beautiful. Glad there are so many ways to get there.

  10. Sangla valley has really caught the imagination of a lot of travelers in the last few years. Partly because of the roads and also the beauty of the region. Thanks for all the details on how to reach the valley and I can tell from the photos that this is one journey that is quite spectacular.

  11. I love India, I have traveled many places and would like to visit more. I have been in Shimla where is similar to this town but this also look interesting. Maybe next time 🙂

  12. Wow that drive looks absolutely spectacular! I love a road trip so this would suit me down to the ground. As you suggest, though, I’d definitely do an overnight stop en-route. Lovely photos.

  13. I’ve yet to visit India, so I have to say no to Sangla! That rock formation in the photo is incredible, yet scary at the same time! Some great tips here on seeing this stunning place.

  14. Your third photograph shows how a huge rock overhang was created when the road was cut through through the slope of a mountain. Coincidentally, there’s a similar-looking formation in my neighborhood in central Texas (USA), but here it was moving water that wore away the rock over aeons to create a natural overhang.

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