Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita Book Review

Before starting to review Lolita, I must admit I had high expectations from the book and honestly – it did score well. 

Lolita is a story of obsession, delusion and moreover lust. The story revolves around Lolita Haze and Humbert Humbert. Humbert is a scholar, aesthete, a nymphet obsessed and has fallen madly in love with Lolita, his landlady’s – Mrs. Haze – a 12-year-old daughter. After the sudden death of Mrs. Haze, Humbert took Lolita’s charge initially as a fatherly figure and in the name of love carry her for a cross-country adventurous trip. Lolita initially went ahead with Humbert for pocket money and also because she didn’t want to go to a foster. Over a period of time, they drive from state to state, from one to motel to another and eventually settles down in New England, where Humbert enrolls Lolita in a girl’s school. Humbert became very possessive of Lolita and never allowed her to participate in after-school activities. One day – on request from a teacher from her school – Humbert reluctantly agrees to allow Lolita to participate in the play in exchange for sexual favors from Lolita. The play was written by Clare Quilty who later let Lolita escape from Humbert’s clutches and tried to make her participate in pornographic movies which Lolita declines. For over 2years, Humbert takes every effort to find her but his efforts fail miserably. Suddenly one day, Humbert receives a letter from Lolita- now 17 – that she’s married and is expecting a child and she wants him to help him financially, then Humbert goes to meet her. Upon meeting Lolita, Humbert tries to convince her to leave her husband, but Lolita declines stating she’s happy in the marriage so he gives her $4000 and leaves – wishing her goodbye like a fatherly figure. Sometime later, Humbert tracks down Quilty and kills him in his mansion and shortly afterward, he got arrested for driving on the wrong side and jumping a red light. Humbert dies shortly after being arrested and Lolita dies on the day she gives birth to a stillborn child on Christmas day. 

What I liked about the book:

  1. I completely loved the writing of the book which left me engaged throughout. The writing of the book had so many layers and subtle at the same time. The book is written from Humbert’s perspective and was successful in showing every damn thought of Humbert in a simple manner that there was a time where he lost Lolita, I almost felt compassionate towards him.
  2. The power of the book is that it is creepy and will change your perception towards young girls and you should always be protective towards them. 

What I didn’t like

Oh!! I don’t think there’s anything which I didn’t like.

Let me know your thoughts on the same.

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