5 Tips for choosing a campsite in a forest

Dandelion in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh India

Camping is all about spending time in remote places, swimming in ponds and bathing under waterfalls, however, it is highly recommended to take proper precautions while camping in forests, otherwise, the trip might turn out to be dangerous. For camping in forest areas, there are spots established especially for setting up tents to spend the night safely. Once you have the best camping tent, proper food, drinking water and a bedding with temperature control system, all you need is to choose the perfect campsite or family campgrounds where you can lay down your heavy bags and give your body some rest. Therefore, I’m going to put forward some tips for choosing a campsite in a forest. 

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Tips on how for choosing a campsite in a forest

  • Choose an Established Spot

One of the most important tips for choosing a campsite is to choose an established spot. Never go to a campsite spot that is not recommended for camping. There can be many reasons why the spot is not recommended for solo travellers and even for family campgrounds. When you choose a spot, make sure;

– The spot is designed to protect recreational resources. 

– Follow the Leave No Trace Principles. These principles are very popular among regular campers. The principles are; 

– Plan ahead and prepare, 

– Travel and camp on durable surfaces, 

– Dispose of waste properly, 

– Leave what you find, 

– Minimize campfire impacts, 

– Respect wildlife, and 

– Be considerate of other visitors.

  • Choose the Right Amenities

It is extremely important that you pay attention to the amenities that are provided to you. If you’re a person who prefers camping in areas where there are proper restrooms and access to shower instead of primitive camping sites where you need to arrange the resources yourself, you must make that clear to your guide or the event organizers about the camping sites with cabins before the camping trip begins.

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  • Is It Going to Be Pure Trekking or Would It Involve Transport?

You can either go camping by foot, on a bike, a bus or a boat, that would be your choice. Make sure you keep in mind that the camping site that you choose is not on a hill, in case you’re planning to travel by boat. Also, if you’re travelling by an RV make sure you find a place to park it and also have enough space for the tents and a bonfire.

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  • Do Not Compromise On Safety

One other reason why you should choose an established and recommended spot is safety. These areas are protected from harmful wild animals like bears, racoons, possums, and others. Apart from this, you will also not have to worry about mosquitoes and pests that could ruin your sleep in the night. Talking of which, sleeping under the stars among trees in the forest is one of the beautiful memories you’d like to keep forever.

  • Keep Away From Game Trails

Find a spot where you can have some exploring and adventure of the wildlife. But you and your companions should not set up tents where there are worn paths in the forest. These are paths usually travelled by animals when they need to have water or visit certain places for their own reasons. Setting up a camp here might be dangerous for you and trouble for them.

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We’re sure these tips for choosing a campsite would answer your questions. Enjoy your holidays and happy camping! Do let us know in case you have any queries.

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