What to do in Prague in 2 days | Prague Itinerary

Prague is exceptionally beautiful in a manner that will redefine the way you see Europe! From the moment I stepped foot in the Czech capital to the last step I boarded the train back to Vienna, I loved every minute of being in Prague city in those 2-days. Are you planning to visit Prague and wondering what to do in Prague in 2 days? Look no further! I’ll present a detailed Prague 2 day itinerary. This Prague itinerary has got you covered with the places to visit in Prague in 2 days for an unforgettable trip.

Prague can be slightly overwhelming for a first-timer considering its portrayal in a number of movies taking our expectation rocket high. As a first-timer, I too had my hopes high about what to do in Prague and the things to see in Prague so that I don’t miss out on anything. Although 2 days in Prague are somewhat less to soak in the vibe of the city. Yet for anyone around Vienna or Budapest, Prague can be an amazing weekend trip. Which was the case for me, I was in Vienna, and I knew I have to visit Prague so I jotted all the places to see in Prague in 2 days. I even planned the best places to stay in Prague. Yes, you got it right, I was too excited about my visit to the fairytale town of Prague. 

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What to do in Prague in 2 days | Prague Itinerary

Day 1Top places to see in Prague

Arriving in Prague can be confusing with so many places to see in Prague. So I will start with the most obvious places so that you have a clear idea of what to do in Prague in 2 days. 

  • Stroll around the fairytale old town square

I had the advantage of staying just in the next lane leading to the old town square so it was clear that I will spend a lot of time there. The old town square is the center of attention and indeed is full of tourists – no matter what time of year you go. Undoubtedly the old town square is one of the best places to see in Prague.

The astronomical clock is one of the main reasons why the old town square is busted with tourists around the year and certainly making it one of the best places to see in Prague. The astronomic clock is not only a beautiful architecture piece but also a historic jewel still going strong from the medieval era.

The clock runs an hourly show and that’s the peak time when people gather around to catch the glimpse of the show. I would highly recommend trying to incorporate this show whenever you’re in the old town square. You might have to line up as early as possible or you’ll probably end up being far from the astronomical clock. This astronomical clock is one of the main Prague attractions and a rather one of the famous Prague monuments. Don’t miss this Prague’s must do!!

Interested in walking tours? Prague offers both free & paid walking tours, and you can which one you’d like to choose between the two depending upon the pros & cons mentioned. 

  • Walk over the historic Charles Bridge

Another historic icon of the capital dividing the city into two is the Charles Bridge running over the Vltava river. The Charles bridge was constructed in 13th -15th century under Charles IV reign and thus it has got its name. The Charles bridge is protected by three towers and has as much as 30 statues in Baroque style architecture depicting various saints from that era. Indeed the visit to Charles visit was among my best places to see in Prague.

There can be no perfect time to visit the Charles bridge as it has seen a steep rise in tourists since the 20th century. Although the early morning and late nights will see far fewer people and then you can tickle your photographic urge to the maximum. The Charles bridge is not only the connecting medium between the old town & the castle, various artists, musicians also divulge their way to the tourists. 

  • Roam through the Prague Castle

The Prague castle dates back to the 9th century and till date an official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. Though beautiful in a unique manner it differs from the rest of the town from the colors. The walk from the old town square to the castle is a little uphill and might take 30 minutes or more depending on your stops for pictures or coffee.  Walking through the grand Prague castle is one of the best memories I have from Prague and surely one of the many best places to see in Prague.

prague-castle-panoromic-viewprague-charles-bridge | Prague Itinerary | What to do in Prague in 2 days

I took a coffee break and am also guilty of being a slow explorer. The Prague castle consists of a huge complex and requires a lot of walking so wearing comfortable shoes are what I recommend. The Prague castle offers some of the best views of the Prague town and even a normal mobile phone can capture awesome shots. 

  • Drool over the St. Vitus Church’s architecture

Although the St. Vitus Church is officially the part of Prague Castle and while roaming around the castle premises, one cannot misses crossing ways with the noticeable St. Vitus Cathedral.

prague-st-vitus-church-full | Prague Itinerary | What to do in Prague in 2 days

St. Vitus Church is the largest church in the country and truly a fine example of Gothic architecture. An important historic Prague monument and requires a ticket entry and those who are keen on exploring the insides of the St. Vitus church must pay it a visit. Those who are architecture buffs like me, I strongly advise admiring the beauty of St. Vitus Church as this is truly one of the best places to see in Prague. 

prague-st-vitus-church | Prague Itinerary | What to do in Prague in 2 days

Day 2 Top places to see in Prague

After visiting the famous tourist places in Prague, you’d be thinking about how to spend the last day. Sure, 2 days are surely less to explore Prague & our mind wondering what to do in Prague in 2 days. Soak it all in from Prague on your last day with my Prague Itinerary.

  • Admire the colorful architecture of Prague monuments

The buildings in the entire Prague town are unbelievably colorful and easily observable. Coming right from Vienna where I saw monotone pretty much everywhere, I loved the splash of colors here. Not liking the town is really difficult if it’s this pretty 😀 Even with 2 days, I highly endorse wandering around the narrow lanes of the old town Prague. Those colorful houses are eye candy & easily one of the amazing things to do in Prague.


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  • Relish Trdelnik and enjoy cheap beer

Trdelnik is a fire cooked sweetened dish made from thin rounds of dough and optional toppings available to suit your taste buds. A culinary treat which is uniquely found in the Czech Republic, although not many know about its roots to be non-Czech. There are a number of best places to eat in Prague and tourists usually miss trying out this delicious treat from Prague. I highly recommend trying Trdelnik. As this treat is easily available at some of the cheap and best places to eat in Prague, you’ll not be disappointed.

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trdelnik-prague itinerary

There are various theories about the history and myths of the dish. The delicacy is believed to have arrived in Czech by a Hungarian army people in the 18th century. Few people believe it connected from the stone age as guessed by the methods of its preparation, nonetheless Czech got its ownership now! 

Check out this Prague Food Tour by the Geeks!


Roaming the streets of Czech capital you will easily find Trdelnik being prepared in a concept almost similar to barbecue. The dough is wrapped in thin round shape onto a rod and is cooked until it turns light brownish in color. A savory yet to make its way to being famous beyond Czech is a must have while in Prague. Prague is known for serving the cheap and yet amazingly delicious beer, read where to find beer in Prague. Chilled beer on a cold evening will make your trip more memorable. Opt for a food tour in Prague to enjoy all of the authentic Prague food

You may check out this Prague Beer Tour Experience!

  • Pay a visit to the Jewish Quarter

If World War II interests you, you must surely visit the Jewish Quarter. The Jewish cemetery is home to as much as 100,000 people and once the only place for Jewish people to rest in peace. It is a blunt reminder of the tragic history of the capital which suffered during the war. If you have less than 2 days in Prague, you might not have time to visit the Jewish cemetery and quarters. If you have the entire 2 days in Prague, I recommend paying a homage visit to those innocent people who lost their lives in WWII. 

  • Shopping in Prague

It is no secret that Prague is a delight to our travel pockets but I was amazed to see that even shopping is comparatively very cheap there as compared to other parts of Europe.  Coming from Vienna, Praha was my shopping paradise, with a variety of Swarovski diamonds & souvenirs as it’s kind of specialty from the city. Shopping centers with well-known brands but reasonable prices. Usually not listed as the top things to do in Prague but for a place as cheap as Prague, it should be. Still wondering what to do in Prague in 2 days? I just gave you a big hint, so run towards those gorgeous shops in Prague.

Wondering what you shop in Prague for $10, this is the guide for you.


  • Enjoy the musicians and artists all over

Prague’s artists are evidently visible in every corner. The old town square has musicians, locals in disguise, and the antique train rides & horse carriages giving the complete feeling of a historic era bundled in the 21st century.

  • Hike to Petrin Hill & tower

The Petrin Tower – built-in the late 18th century is an observatory tower for spectacular views of the Praha city. The walk to the Petrin tower is a steep 30 min trek going onwards from the Prague Castle. If you would like the view the Prague city from the hilltop, then the walking till the Petrin hilltop will be worth.


Where to Stay in Prague

I stayed in the old town square and I can convey it confidently that it really is one of the best places to stay in Prague. I chose Airbnb as I was on a budget but here are some of my recommendations near the old town square. Staying near old town square will give you the advantage of waking up to empty lanes which gave some of my best pictures

Here are some of my recommendations as the best places to stay in Prague:

Old Town Square Hotel – The hotel is right in the old town square giving you some of the best views of the fairytale old town square. They have facilities like wi-fi, airport shuttle, and in hotel breakfast as well with bar also available. Recommended for a couple as one of the best places to stay in Prague!

Hotel Lippert – Hotel Lippert will give you amazing views of The Church of Lady Tyn and the old town square. The interiors of the hotel are intriguing, they also provide wifi and airport shuttle & breakfast along with tea and coffee maker in the rooms. The Hotel Lippert is recommended for a couple but also for a family too when talking about the best places to stay in Pague. 

Old Town Square Premium Apartments – Fancy a premium luxurious service apartment while your visit to Prague? I highly recommend staying in the Old town square premium Apartments where family rooms are available & pets also allowed and parking facility as well. They also provide wifi and airport shuttles. So if you’re traveling with your family, I advise trying out the old town square premium apartments as one of the best places to stay in Prague. 

Hotel Cerny Slon – Almost 20 steps walk till the Old town square of Prague is the Hotel Cerny Slon for you. The hotel has spacious pet-friendly rooms with parking facility and in-house bar and restaurant. It is my recommendation as the best places to stay in Prague. 

Dusni Apartments – I love apartments and hence recommending another amazing apartment with nice architecture and closely located to the old town square. Dusni Apartments is one of the great places to stay in Prague if you’re traveling with kids seeing a quieter neighborhood. 

Best places to eat in Prague

I regret not trying much of the Czech cuisine except for Trdelnik. I stuck to my typical Indian food and found a great Indian restaurant right in the old town square. Indian Jewel is one of the high-rated restaurants in Prague, so if you fancy less-spicy Indian food in Prague I suggest paying Indian Jewel a visit. The staff is really helpful and the food was typical Indian flavors with low spices. This I  considered as one of the best places to eat in Prague. I had this delicious looking paneer curry with a tandoori roti (white flour bread). Although it was difficult for me to find the restaurant initially as it is near the Church of lady Tyn but hidden. Try walking towards it using google maps, you’ll find it.


Prague is the center of attraction of Eastern Europe with a number of things to see here. The surrounding places to the Czechia capital are also stunning Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Krivoklat Castle, Terezin Concentration Camp and Dresden in Germany. If you’re spending a week in Prague, try to include 2 days in Dresden, you’ll have a lifetime of memories. 

Need more reasons for visiting Prague? Read this guide to gain some inspiration. 

Have you been to the Czech capital? Do share your experience with me!

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  1. I really liked the food too, and I would also recommend a visit to the Prague Zoo, it was amazing, the animals have so much room to roam, I felt just like a guest coming into their home. I also enjoyed a river cruise on the Vltava, which I highly recommend.

  2. Beautiful post. Would love to explore castle and bridges. Architecture of Prague monuments are amazing to look at. Would like to be there sometime in future. ☺️👍

  3. I have yet to make it to Prague. Your two day outline is very helpful and the food is so enticing. Hope to get there soon.

  4. Considering my love for spices , I always opt for an Indian restaurant. And have heard a lot about Indian Jewel from the Indian Tourists. Would surely love to try both , the local Czech cuisine and normal Indian or Mexican. Thanks for this lovely guide.

  5. Such a good guide. This is perfect for a weekend away. Prague looks very colourful and the foods sounds yummy. I’m definitely sold on getting down there for a trip there next year, especially with the cheap shopping on offer. Do you recommend the best time to visit?

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  6. The old town of Prague is one of the best one I have seen. I loved the city. Cool food and beautiful views.

  7. Wow .. that’s a lot that can be done in two days. As you rightly said it can get overwhelming going to A new places, and especially so, if you are short on time. This post will help to pick just the right places ! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh the building are beautiful and I had no idea about that desert but I NEEEED to try it 🙂 My grandfather came from Prague (when Yugoslavia existed) and our family knows nothing of his life before he came to Australia. I’ve always felt that I needed to go there and see if I feel some sort of connection. Can’t wait!

  9. I was in Prague for only two-days and this is pretty close to the itinerary we had. One of the spots that was left out though was the John Lennon wall, which I absolutely loved! There was even a street performer singing the Beatles song. It was just quite a unique experience.

  10. Wonderful post! I live in Prague and concur with all of these places to visit there! However, I was sad to read you didn’t try much Czech food other than Trdelnik. Trdelnik is AMAZING, don’t get me wrong, but Czech food is so underrated! Next time, try the goulash, svichcova, and pork knuckle. All are incredible!

  11. The astronomical clock is definitely my top destination if I ever go to Prague. Beside cemetery, I have any clock trademark in each destination on my bucket list. So far, since I haven’t traveled that much, but I’ve been to Jam Gadang in Padang, Indonesia, the clock in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Saat Kulesi in Izmir, Turkey, as well as the one in the postal office of HCMC. The astronomical clock in Prague and Big Ben are indeed on my top list! 😀

  12. Yep you had me at cheap beer!! Actually I have always wanted to visit Prague and this is a great article on how to handle such a wonderful yet sometimes overwhelming city,

  13. Prague is such a pretty place. The highlight is definitely the old part of the city. I love your photos of old town square. When I visited, I had such a hard time getting a clear picture of the clock on the tower because there were so many people trying to take a picture just like me LOL!

  14. Very informative. It’s a shame that the weather was not very good when you visited. I have to admit that I have never been more disappointed with a city than Prague. I was told such nice things about it, but when I visited it for myself I was severely underwhelmed. I don’t really like the city very much at all!

  15. I am Czech and grew up in Prague. Although it is yummy, you would never have found trdelnik in the past. It is not a traditional Czech delicates. It became popular only a few years ago. Mainly with tourists. But I agree, Prague is a great city with rich history and beautiful architecture.

  16. oh my goodness your photos are beautiful! Especially the one with all the bubbles! And oh my that Trdelnik looks delicious!

  17. BRB… booking a trip to Prague!
    I’ve heard a lot about this city, but after reading your post and seeing the photos, I want to go immediately. Adding this to the bucket list.

  18. I’ve never been to Prague, but it’s on my bucket list! The town square looks amazing – like it’s straight out of Beauty & the Beast. I would love to see this in person!

  19. I am spoiled in that my boyfriend was born in Prague and still speaks the language. When we went we had family provide some extra insight on things. Prague is a beautiful city with so much to see, I agree with all of your suggestions, especially the Trdelnik! I was addicted to those while we were there! I also highly recommend the National Theater for either a ballet or an opera (you will not regret it!) and I also wanted to mention that there is a building in the old square (I was told) that is the location where communism first began in the country. A speech was given off one of the balconies that began the communist era in the Czech Republic. Kind of cool. I also recommend that if you go back to definitely try some of the food, it is unbelievable!

  20. Well, I did everything on your list on my first trip to Prague – except try Trdelnik and Indian food in Prague. We always focus on sampling the local food, so we had lots of the hearty Czech style dumplings and lots of beer. Our first trip was also in a very chilly winter and there’d been a lot of rain so the water levels were high. It’s been a long time so I’m very eager to return now.

  21. I went to Prague on a school trip over 20 years ago and while the buildings are the same, it seems to have changed rather a lot! I’m glad you liked it, some people have said it’s too touristy now, but it’s obviously a matter of opinion!

  22. Actually, you can get Trdelnik also in Slovakia and Hungary, it’s not at all only Czech pastry but they definitely commercialized it. It’s not meant to be with ice cream and Nutella or any other filling… it’s meant to be an empty pastry 🙁

    1. Ohh I had no idea, I went to Budapest too but didn’t see Trdelnik there. And yes there wetr options of having it all on its own, but after looking at pictures on shops’ boards like this I opted for one with fillings. Thanks for the clarification though🙂

  23. I went to Prague with my husband for our honeymoon. I loved it! Great lists of things to do-that was our list too! I am suggesting this list to family friends for their upcoming trip!

  24. Prague is my favorite European destination and I totally agree with you that it is like a fairy tale setting. I can walk again and again in Old Town square as it is my favorite place. Even view from Petrin tower with those red roofs are spectacular. I missed that special Czech desert Trdelnik as I was not knowing of it. Your post revived my memories of Prague tour.

  25. Fairytale is definitely the perfect word for Prague–it’s the one I keep using, too! The architecture there is just so beautiful, no matter where you turn. The astronomical clock was covered in scaffolding when we were there, so sad. Glad you got to see it in all its glory!

  26. Great post! I visited Prague twice and I loved it every time! Maybe because it remind me a little of my country – Poland. Its an amazing city with so much to do and I can’t wait to go back there again! the old town and Charles Bridge are definitely my favourite parts of the city! Great photos!

  27. Czech Republic sure looks like a fairy land. The architecture is so awe inspiring. My interest in Prague grew after watching an Indian film called Rockstar. They made it look so gorgeous. I would love to see how the astronomical clock works. Places associated with World War interests me. The Jewish quarter will be a difficult place to visit but I would still want to see it.

  28. Oh Prague, if there is one city in Europe that I would want to visit, this would be it. I love the idea of exploring the historic square. It seems that there is much to see and do in that area alone. And of course, a walk across the Charles Bridge is in my bucket list!

  29. You’ve totally captured everything that I love about Prague- what a lovely tribute to such a special place. It’s a testament to the city that the grey winter gloom only adds to its architectural beauty and natural charm! Just might have to plan a trip soon so I can get my hands on some fresh trdelnik!

  30. So charming and elegant! The city truly looks as a fairy tail full of seductions: nice unusual food, artists, beautiful landscapes and architecture. Your way to describe Prague make me wish to go there!

  31. I loved Prague. In fact I even woke up at 5am just to go and see the Charles Bridge and sunrise and get pictures. Thank you for bringing back some beautiful memories 🙂

  32. We absolutely love Prague and the fav part has to be the old town square! Such a nice spot and looove the clock! Quite enjoy strolling in general and crossing bridge. we actually enjoyed also going to the castle. Loved the hike and must be done if anyone is visiting Prague!

  33. BUBBLES! LOL, I love bubbles. We have really got to get o Prague, it’s been on our list. Your photos are awesome and really show the spirit of the city. And I must really try one (or several) of those Trdelniks. They look so delicious. It’s a fairy tale city for sure.

  34. I actually studied in Prague for 4 months, so the city holds a wonderful place in my heart! I love the bubbles in the Old Town Square by the Jan Hus statue — so magical! And I agree, the Charles Bridge is a MUST visit!

  35. I would love to visit Prague, simply because, as you pointed out, the beautiful architecture, which I love to photograph. The castle-like structures amaze me, especially the Prague Castle. I feel like I’ve eaten Trdelnik before, there’s a Hungarian restaurant here in Toronto that sells something very similar.

  36. The historic sights are a delight to visit when you are in Prague. Trdelnik looks yummy, the process sounds very interesting. All the places you mentioned give a peek into the history and culture of Prague, good to read about it.

  37. I have always wanted to see Prague ever since they showed it in an Indian film called Rockstar. I loved the picture with bubbles. After seeing your pictures, I realize why Prague is world famous for its architecture.

  38. I love beautiful historic cities and I love colourful buildings too. It looks as though Prague has both, so it’s definitely my kind of city. I’ve never heard of Trdelnik before but it looks delicious and I’d love to try it out. Love the photo with the bubbles too!

  39. Looks like a beautiful historical city to explore! I have only ever heard of amazing things about Prague and your pictures took me right there.. Trdelnik is something I would love to try it looks delicious…

  40. Its been a while now I have been wanting to visit Prague and your post just remind me of why I should! Their history and the buildings are so facinating and beautiful. I would love to see the Prague castle and the clock. While eating a delicious looking Trdelnik and have a sip of a Czech beer!

  41. I love Prague! I’ve only been there 3 times, but there’s always something new to discover. I’ve found that strolling along the Bridge pre-dawn to be the best time with the fewest tourists milling about. Love the picture with the bubbles!

  42. My first stop would be trying that tredlnik and some good Czech beer! The historic Charles Bridge is a must, and your photos show off the structure well. The old town is so pretty and I’d wait to catch the clock show!

  43. Love Prague so much! I was there two years ago and will be returning in a few days. Trdelnik is distinctively Czech, but you can find similar types of pastries in Hungary and Poland, too. Glad you enjoyed Prague!

    1. Yeah, I recently got to know that Trdelnik is also found in Hungary & Poland too 🙂 I love Prague too, hopefully one day I’ll be there once again.

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