Cafe Coffee Day – A perfect joint for your daily coffee needs!

Just outside my office is a Café Coffee Day (CCD) and being a coffee lover I step in it most of my work days!! 

I usually prefer cold coffee over the hot one! I almost like all the coffee ranges from CCD although Devil’s Own is my all time favourite which is a blend of strong cold coffee and topped with ice-cream or cream of your choice. I usually have it without the topping as diet is something we really should be conscious about 😉

Being a lover of spicy food, I chose Cheese chilly toast to combine with my coffee and after trying it for the first time this has easily become my preferred toast!! It is the right combination of soft base bread with an optimal quantity of cheese with veggies as topping and spices to sum all up!! 

I’m sure the picture would give you a glimpse of how great the coffee & the toast was!! 🙂

What is your favourite coffee outlet? Do share your experience with us in the comment box below!!!

– The Wanderer

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