Farzi Café Delhi Review – Indian Flavors with a twist

My love for my hometown is visibly expressed throughout my blog. It’s also evident that I keep my quest going for exploring every inch of Delhi! I have writing about the history of the national capital a lot. Today I would like to present a different side of Delhi, a connoisseur of food with a detailed Farzi Café Delhi Review. It is undoubtedly a known fact that most Delhiites are foodies and which is why we have a variety of restaurants in Delhi.

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I started my hunt by Farzi Café which is located in Delhi NCR – both in Gurgaon and in Connaught Place as well. Gurgaon is well known for being the IT hub of Delhi and which is why the Cyber Hub there is equally important. Cyber Hub has a party vibe catering to all generations with upcoming restaurants, shopping, and cafes. Thus Farzi is one of the best restaurants in the area. 

Hardly 5 years old, Farzi Café has established a name for itself for its known pan-Indian flavors amalgamated with international flavors. The restaurant boats the recipes by chef Himanshu Saini who won US’s Chef’s Hunt just before he launched Farzi Café in 2014. Farzi Café has now become one of the best Indian restaurants in Delhi in fine dining. So here I present my Farzi Café Delhi Review for you to decide. 

Farzi Café - Restaurant review - Delhi, India | Farzi Café Delhi Review | #farzicafe #review #delhi

Farzi Café Delhi Review – Relish Indian Flavors


The restaurant throughout have dim lights, with a bar in the center and stage in one corner for live performances. Although I always love the restaurants bright and full of light, I still decided to give Farzi Cafe a try. I was headed for lunch on a Saturday so no booking was required, but might be required on a weekday lunch because of surrounding offices or for dinners.

The Bar at Farzi Cafe


We ordered two vegetarian dishes and two non-alcoholic drinks. One Tandoori Soy Chops and Matka cholle luchhi Puff and Farzi Ok & Lichi Panna Desire in drinks.

farzi cafe - food

Farzi Ok

Farzi Ok is a typical orange drink with a hint of lemon in it. As the drink gets its name similar to the restaurant I decided to go with it. It turned out to be pretty good, refreshing but a kind of drink usually found in a variety of restaurants. 

Farzi Ok drink

The Litchi Panna desire

The Litchi Panna desire was unconventional. The flavor of litchi is replaced sweetly by green mangos aka Aam Panna and every sip gives a slightly itchy taste. 

The Litchi Panna desire

Before the main course was to arrive, we were served with a little bowl of curd which looked awesome and different. 

Farzi Cafe curd

Matka cholle luchhi Puff

Next came the Matka cholle luchhi Puff which is a typical Indian delicacy with a combination of fried puffed bread and dry chickpeas served in an earthen pitcher. The dish is presented on a heavy wooden mat. Four puffed slices of bread are served along with thinly sliced onion, green chilly and lemon and are sufficient if you come empty stomach. I’m a potato fan and fried potato slightly salty slices are provided as sides and they are completely delicious. Even better than the routine french fries we get at Mc Donald’s or Burger King. 


The Tandoori Soy chops arrived just a few minutes apart served with mayo sauce with the flavor of coriander. The soy chops were stuffed with cream giving it a different taste and more international feel. This dish for me was the one which I expected savoring to the theme of Farzi Cafe of mixing Indian and International flavors. The cream made the soya heavy delicacy and is sufficient in itself. 


I was completely full by all this meal, so I skipped the dessert and will probably try it the next time. Although towards the end, a mouth freshener was served in a wooden box. The freshener was prepared in the shape of Gujia which is a famous dessert prepared in various parts of India on the festival of Holi. But here it was prepared from Candy Floss stuffed with Indian Pan flavors. Not to mention it was refreshing and a nice change not seen in a lot of restaurants. 

mouth freshener

Every bit of the restaurant was somehow antique and authentic. Even the bill arrived in a plastic typewriter which I completely loved 🙂

A Plastic typewriter


The restaurant is reasonably priced in the range of fine dining ones. All these dishes cost us as low as 1500 INR or 25$. The non-vegetarian dishes will cost slightly more but still, the place will cost all in all below $50. 


The Verdict

I really enjoyed the meal, the service was undoubtedly superb with the friendly staff. For those who enjoy the live performances, the area is occupied with a stage setting as well. The Farzi Cafe is a welcoming change from the routine Indian restaurants. 

Rating 4 Star

Farzi Cafe Stage

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Farzi Café - Restaurant review - Delhi, India #farzicafe #review #delhi

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26 thoughts on “Farzi Café Delhi Review – Indian Flavors with a twist

  1. cpowell21 says:

    Great review – I love the way you described everything! It all sounded so creative and unique – a must do in Delhi by the look of it 🙂

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    The drinks looks so good. I hope I get to taste the food here someday. It’s wonderful to find a good restaurant where you get the value for money 😊

  3. Anisa says:

    Looks like a great place. The food and drinks seem really creative, so I would love to try them. Plus, so nice that it is reasonably priced.

  4. Aarti Kamath says:

    Drool! Beautiful pictures! I have been to the Farzi at Bangalore which was a good experience. I love the palate cleanser sorbets they give after every course :)… Should really check the Delhi one out!

  5. Raghav says:

    I really think everyone should eat at Farzi once. It is quite an experience and the food is good. Personally I have had issues with their service sometimes and the dim lighting as you mentioned, but in terms of food, they really have changed the looks of some of Indian classics and I can’t be more happy about that. Thanks.

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