Vrindavan Photography – A new perspective

Birthplace of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan attracts millions of tourists from India & worldwide alike. The Banke Bihari temple is a historic temple where hundreds if not thousands of people visit daily. The peace of mind one receives in the renowned Iskon Temple is an experience in itself. But, today, I’m going to present a different & rather a new perspective to the town through my Vrindavan photography.

It is a small town where people don’t greet you with Hi, Hello or even ‘Namastey’ in Hindi, rather they say ‘Radhe Radhe’ which means Hare Krishna!! You’ll be surprised that even the rickshaw pullers or people on road don’t say excuse me, they will say ‘Radhe Radhe’. Vrindavan is also known for its Holi festival, and the neighboring town –Mathura also celebrates Holi with full zest. So, plan your trip to Vrindavan during March, check out the dates beforehand and you can witness the most colorful festival of the country. 

Vrindavan Photography

Post our visit to Taj Mahal, Agra with numerous tourist places in Agra apart from Taj, we were left with half a day to spare so we decided to visit Vrindavan – The Land of Lord Krishna

Vrindavan is an old town with narrow alleys and a religious atmosphere. There are many temples in the city and while temple hopping I spotted something unique.

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Doors of Vrindavan

Surprisingly, some of the doors were not only beautiful but intricated and colorful too. That said, I am showcasing my Vrindavan photography today through their doors.

The Intricate Doors

Isn’t it wonderful how we manage to perceive charming things in old towns and narrow alleys which urban areas cannot to offer? 

intricate Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

This one below is a simple maroon colored door with a splash of blue color on the surrounding wall. The gorgeous tiles surrounding the entrances make it off my favorites.

colorful Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

colorful Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

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The Colorful Doors

Where we went in those lanes, I also took pictures of the gorgeous doors I encountered. As it is an old town and mainly I would quote – “unfledged” with homes in really bad shape. I still found a few doors though damaged ones but they developed nice pictures 🙂

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

The Ravaged Doors

Time leaves it imprints and it was evident in some of the homes. Some of the ones I stumbled upon were deteriorated yet photogenic. 

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

Doors of Vrindavan | Vrindavan photography

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Have you visited Vrindavan while on the trip to Agra? Did you like my Vrindavan photography? Share your thoughts with me.

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27 responses to “Vrindavan Photography – A new perspective”

  1. what a lovely photo diary! I haven’t been to Vrindavan yet but felt like I have lived those moments through your beautiful pictures. there is something about old doors and windows, they have a story to tell 🙂

  2. Too lovely. I especially love the door with the little red window (or… door?) above it. I only know Vrindavan as one of the biggest Holi celebrations—it was nice to see another side of it, as well as to learn that it’s so close to Agra! Maybe I’ll head back there on my next Indian adventure 🙂

  3. I love your photos! And capturing doors are my thing as well! My sister and I visited Uttar Pradesh years ago, but we were only in Lucknow- it was an amazing experience. Would love to visit Vrindavan too!

  4. All those doors are so beautiful and each one of them tells its own, unique story…
    Thank you for the share and for this virtual trip

  5. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this – I’m always snapping pics of beautiful doors around the world. They make for such gorgeous photos!

  6. I love to capture doors and that too in some old cultural place. I have so many pictures of door. This post of yours is my favorite as I see lovely doors of Vrindavan. They are so intricately patterned and have rustic colors. I loved the shape and backgrounds of the doors. Stunning pictures.

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