Antique Doors at The Taj Mahal, India

Living in the capital has its own perks. But when it’s Delhi which also is usually the starting point for most tourists for visit to Taj then no amount of visits are ever considered ample. So, I’m going to present today the gorgeous ancient doors at the Taj Mahal from my last trip. 

Doors at The Taj Mahal

Door at Jawab Mahal mirroring Taj Mahal

During my visit to the Taj Mahal, I was tripping on every door apart from taking tons of pictures of the Taj I came across as part of my recently developed doors penchant.

A wooden door at Taj Mahal

I have been to Taj numerous times now and yes it is taken a little granted as well. My Bad…Sigh!! So, this time I wanted to absorb every ounce of the historic monument. 

door at Taj
Doors which could be found easily in the narrow alleys of the Taj premises and yet conveniently hidden in proximity to the architecture marvel itself. Although most of these look worn out in need of repair yet that does make them antique.   


Most of the rooms were locked and not open to the public, but for people looking to photograph different perspectives from the Taj, they may present a nice opportunity.


Did you notice any of these doors while in Taj? Do share your thoughts with me…

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Doors at Taj Mahal, India

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