20+ Instagram Worthy pictures from Belvedere Palace Vienna


The visit to the Austrian capital was a memorable one for me with a variety of things to do and see. I was in awe of its architectural beauty, the music culture, ambient people and delicious food. The moment I stepped foot in the city I knew I’ll love roaming around the city without getting overwhelmed. Schloss Belvedere Palace Vienna or “The Belvedere” is surely one the best things to do in Vienna and will give you an edge in today’s Instagram era. 

The Belvedere museum was the first place I visited in Vienna Austria, leaving me awestruck by its breathtaking architecture and gorgeous artefacts. The beauty of the palace turned museum amazed me & so I took more pictures of the outer structure than the paintings primarily because of my love for architecture and facades. Vienna’s travel will be left incomplete without a visit to Belvedere Palace turned museum and is one of the top ten things to do in Vienna. Austria is a beautiful country on a whole, and there are other cities and towns which shouldn’t be missed when in Austria. One of them is Innsbruck, another place usually overstepped from tourists. I highly recommended taking a look at the Innsbruck Sightseeing tour by Linda to decide yourself. 

Instagram Worthy pictures from Belvedere Palace Vienna | Belvedere photography | Belvedere palace in vienna

Belvedere Palace Vienna | Belvedere Photography

The museum Belvedere Palace Vienna is one of many historic sites in the world’s cultural capital which takes it high up on the list of Vienna’s top attractions. The museum is well known for its contemporary art collection and is home to the iconic painting “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt. Apart from the renowned artefacts, I couldn’t contain my bewilderment looking over the gorgeous architecture of the Palace. 

The Belvedere Castle Vienna is a historical landmark for the capital dating back to the 16th century during the Habsburg reign. The palace was initially commenced as an abode for summers for Prince Eugene of Savoy. The baroque style of architecture emerged from late 15th century focuses on drama and opulence which is evidently noticeable in The Belvedere. Thus highlighting the palace as a notable structure in the lines of renowned baroque buildings throughout. 

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As the Belvedere is accessible through trams, S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains – I opted for the tram. I initiated my visit to Belvedere Palace via the Tram D from my hotel. Upon getting down at the Gusshausstrasse station, I saw this gorgeous entrance to the museum and I knew I have something memorable for me in store! In recent years the palace has undergone major restoration which is visible easily from far away. The entire museum is a picturesque one but today present you the best photo locations from The Belvedere Palace. 

Belvedere Palace - Entrance

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The Schloss Belvedere Wien in itself houses two palaces divided by an exquisite Belvedere garden complex – *Upper Belvedere* and  *Lower Belvedere*. The main entrance of the Belvedere museum opens its gates for the unique structure of the Upper Belvedere. It is said that at the time of construction the palace was built outside the gates of the Vienna city while today it is a part of the capital located not too far from the centre. 

Belvedere Palace - Entrance Gate

It is the upper Belvedere which usually gets all the attention not only because of the architecture but also because of the location of the painting “The Kiss” here. I was too eager to see the painting myself, and roamed all around the museum while the painting is located towards the end – well the climax should just be awesome..isn’t it?

Belvedere Palace - Horse Sculpture

It was a late afternoon in September and the sun was still shining at its peak giving away beautiful reflection of the Upper Belvedere. The pond will provide some rare opportunities for the photographers easily giving away the reflection of the facade. Although it will depend on the weather too considering the snowy or rainy weather will give different captures. I went back to the palace twice – one on a sunny day and the second time when it was raining. And I do like the picture from the former day more 😉 The reflection pictures are known to be well appreciated by the Instagram audience.

Belvedere Palace - Reflection

Lucky for me the flowers were still in bloom in the Belvedere Gardens and hence giving me all the lovely photographic options ultimately enhancing the pictures I clicked. Winters will have different views of the palace, but fall & spring highlight the palace’s structure a lot. If you crave for a different perspective, then Belvedere Garden is the place for you. For me, the picture with flowers slightly out of focus did very well on Instagram. So, don’t miss out on Belvedere Garden while exploring the Belvedere Wien. 

Belvedere Palace with Flowers out of focus

Upper Belvedere Palace Vienna

The interiors of the Upper Belvedere Palace Vienna were no less intricate and it was evidently visible in the chandeliers, lampshades and entire decor of the place. Because of the prominent artworks and location of Klimt’s “The Kiss” Belvedere art gallery in Vienna is surely one to look forward to. 


Both the palaces in the Belvedere are divided by a huge garden area with flower and fountain arrangements known as Belvedere Gardens. It is hard not to click hundreds of pictures from the Schloss Belvedere – no wonder it is among the top 10 things to do in Vienna.


I found these marigold flowers in the same backyard of the Upper Belvedere easily accessible for my photography adventure so that might justify a bit why am I posting so many pictures from almost the same angle 😉 Being an art hub, undoubtedly Vienna museums are the must-see places from Austria

Belvedere Palace in background of Marigold Flower in focus

All the pictures I clicked are using my iPhone 6s, although I do wish if I would have a proper full-fledged camera, I would have clicked tons and tons of pictures and might be much better than just the phone ones. Well, these are no less awesome so no regrets here 😉 and not to mention, unedited 😀 So, don’t wait for a better camera, sometimes it’s all in the location which makes a picture completely Instagram worthy. 

Belvedere Palace in background of Marigold Flower

The Belvedere Palace Vienna has a magnetic construction everywhere in the buildings and even the doors are sophisticatedly built. I loved these intricate doors everywhere around the palace. Vienna sightseeing tour must include a visit to the famous Schloss Belvedere to witness the charm it beholds upon the tourists.

A structure in Belvedere Palace

Found a simple door as well, but it intrigued me with its colour and unique placement in the palace’s garden area!! Being a door fanatic I am very keen on capturing beautiful doors and windows in Vienna which I captured during my visit to the Belvedere museum as well. 

A door in Belvedere Palace Museum Vienna Austria Europe

The Upper Belvedere is located on a slight uphill than the lower which gives a stunning view of the St. Stephan’s cathedral right from the backyard. The below picture is taken from the exit of the Upper Belvedere giving away views of the cathedral, the capital, and the nearby hills.

Belvedere Gardens Vienna

View of Vienna city from Upper Belvedere

The premises of the Belvedere garden is beautifully decorated not only with lovely plants but also with sculptures representing baby angels. 



Being an architecture and intricate work fan I saw a photo moment every other sculpture I came across. If you love architecture and would like to impress your followers on Instagram with such gorgeous sculptures from Palacio Belvedere.


September marks the beginning of a change in the weather where summers giving way to winters through fall. I observed the initial occurrence of fall while in the city and saw a photo moment there and what better medium than a fallen maple leaf! In Delhi, we don’t get to see fall foliage and not even maple tree so it got me excited too 😀 Normally fall pictures do amazingly well on Instagram, don’t forget to capture one while visiting Vienna in fall. 


Tip – Wear comfortable shoes for the visit to the palace as it will involve a lot of walking. And if you’re a photography lover, you’ll click a lot of pictures just like me and from a lot of angles so, comfy shoes are a must!


Lower Belvedere Palace Vienna

The Lower Belvedere also had a unique architecture but unlike the upper one, it has red parapet. I didn’t visit the lower Belvedere, but I recommend if you have time then you should visit both the palaces. 

Belvedere Palace-Lower-Belvedere-Vienna-Austria

The exit of the palace was no less beautiful through where I found this extremely simple lamp post just outside of a restaurant. 


Have you had to chance to visit Vienna yet? What did you like most about your visit to Vienna? 

These are the best Instagram worthy photos from The Belvedere Palace Vienna..did you like the pictures? Or do know any other Instagram valued pictures from Vienna Austria? Do let know your thoughts!

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Instagram Worthy pictures from Belvedere Palace Vienna | Belvedere photography | Belvedere palace in vienna

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50 responses to “20+ Instagram Worthy pictures from Belvedere Palace Vienna”

  1. Hi Shivani, love your article on Belvedere palace! It’s so beautiful and the baroque style sculptures are my favorite. The gardens are amazing and so are the rooms. In some ways it reminds me of Palace of Versailles near Paris.
    We had very little time in Vienna and we went there primarily for the Spanish Riding school. So we spent the day in that area admiring the enormous and magnificent baroque sculptures in that part of Vienna. I hope you got to soak in much of Vienna’s charm.

  2. So beautiful to know that the flowers are in bloom still in September. The gorgeous purple flowers against the museum with its amazing architecture is just breath taking. I love the sound of the museum with its historic artworks – totally a reason to visit. Good to know that you will do a lot of walking around the place – great tip!

  3. I haven’t been to Vienna yet, but your images make me wish to go. The building is stunning, but the interiors of the Upper Belvedere just blew me away – just look at those chandeliers! I love marigolds and I think I should just add this palace to places I need to visit when I go to Vienna!

  4. Lovely pictures and they are perfect for Instagram. You have taken nice shots of Palace through flowers. The lamp post at exit with red poster is my favorite one. Even from Iphone you have taken great pictures.

  5. These pictures are indeed Instagrammable. Your words are as beautiful as your pictures. I like the unconventional angles in your pictures. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to catch reflections in the pond.

  6. The palaces in Europe are truly grander than ever. I love that the palace itself is not the only thing worth seeing – the parks and gardens are too! You have captured excellent photos and did the palace justice!

  7. I have been to Vienna and to Belvedere Palace. You are right when you say the reflection is not always there. When I visited it was covered in snow, I’m envious you could get this shot. Excellent photography, i wouldn’t have guessed you made it with your iPhone!

  8. Vienna is on my list of places to go, now I’m adding the Belvedere to that list of must-see places while there. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos of the place. And as far as your camera, that Iphone will give you just as good photos as a point and shoot. Look up some tips online for using it to its max. I’ve personally been shooting exclusively with a Samsung Galaxy for almost three years now and can produce photos as good, sometimes better than many of my professional photographer friends with DSLRs. It’s just all about knowing your equipment. I do miss my DSLR at times but love the convenience of the phone, since it’s always with me and it’s small.

    • So glad to know that you liked the post and I would love to hear about your experience when you visit Vienna 🙂
      Also, I agree with you, the best camera we can have is what we carry around with us all the time. I love my iPhone pictures and as you mentioned I learn a lot of iPhone tips & tricks online to utilize to the maximum. I just feel that a DSLR might take my travel photography to the next level.
      Thanks for the lovely words and taking time to read the post 🙂

  9. I was also here in Easter, and felt exactly the same way! Belvedere is incredible, and your photos remind me how stunning the actual complex is. So right about wearing comfy shoes, I walked a lot!

  10. What gorgeous architecture. I’d love to go to Vienna. I have been so many times and never left the airport, that I feel like I owe the city a visit! Your photos make me keep to explore. 🙂

  11. I’ve seen Vienna in Winter for Christmas and it felt like a dream! The food is delicious and even if it was very cold, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I have wonderful memories of the Christmas markets and all the beautiful decorations! I’ll have to visit when it’s warmer, the photos you shared are awesome!

  12. I loved Belvedere, it was definitely my highlight in Vienna. Or wait, no, sampling Sacher torte was my favourite moment, and seeing the Belvedere and The Kiss was the other one. I have to agree with you that this place makes for some amazing photos. I was much more impressed with the Belvedere than with Schönbrunn!

  13. I am still looking for The kiss 🙂

    Amazing architecture it has for sure. It reminds me of the numerous Mansions in New Port, RI, in the US, which have similar themes.

    Btw, it is high time you get a camera. I too click many on my Instagram from my iPhone, but it can only do justice to an extent!

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