Prague Photography – Best Instagrammable Spots

Prague was immediately “Love at first sight” for me! Photography in Prague is going to be one of the best memories one can have while wandering in the narrow alleys of Prague and so I’ll going to present you with some of best Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots that will make you fall in love with the colorful city.

Hang on with me if you would like to click those perfect Instagram worthy photos from Prague. The city also drives people creative, here are some quotes about Prague to inspire too. 

Prague is undoubtedly one of the prettiest cities in Europe. The colorful buildings, a gorgeous castle with the view of the entire city and a history to learn from, photography from Prague is a sure shot hit with Instagram. In today’s’ Instagram era we need to click the best pictures. I’ll present some of the beautiful photographs of Prague which I clicked despite all the crowds. 

Prague became a household name with Indians since when a lot of movies are shot around the city. When I got to visit Vienna, I knew immediately I had to see the nearby Czech capital. So I planned a short stay over the weekend in the capital. I can happily quote that I was overwhelmed drooling over the architecture the moment I set my foot in the city. Hence there is my guide for the best Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots.

Here’s your guide to visiting some of the best filming locations in Prague.

Prague castle from charles bridge

I was way too much excited after my four-hour journey from Vienna to Prague and also because of the location of my Airbnb. But I did a mistake of dragging my bag and walking till the center from the train station. 

*A really important tip here* – If you’re staying near the city center – still opt for a tram/cab. Although while walking to my rented apartment I came across beautiful Prague, the cobbled narrow lanes and gorgeous colorful homes. I started clicking photographs of Prague from the moment I entered the city. 

Prague - Narrow lane

Prague Photography – Best Instagrammable Spots

1. Prague Photography – Astronomical Clock

Prague - Astronomical clock tower | old town tower  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

The Astronomical clock is located right in Prague’s old town square filled with daily life, tourists, and gorgeous architecture. The locals disguised, antique train rides, horse carriages give the square a wholesome fairytale feel. The tower comes under the best spots when taking pictures from Prague, and why not when it’s exquisite. 

Prague - Church of Our Lady before Týn  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

The town hall tower is undoubtedly one of the best spots for clicking pictures while in Prague. Don’t miss out the bubbly photographs of Prague as they give the true title of “Fairytale” to Prague city.

Prague - old town square - culture  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

2. Prague Photography – View from the top of the Town Hall Tower 

While in Prague’s old town square, don’t forget to climb the stairs to the top of Tower Hall Tower. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of at the time I visited so I missed it, so don’t be like me. Take the opportunity and climb and rest assured the views will leave you mesmerized. 

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3. Prague Photography – Colorful Buildings around Old Town Square

The buildings in the entire town are unbelievably colorful and easily noticeable and will give the most Instagram worthy shots of Prague. Coming right from Vienna where I saw monotone pretty much everywhere, I loved the splash of colors in Prague. Not liking the town is really difficult if it’s this pretty 😀 So walk around and experiment with your Prague photography.

Prague - Yellow Building  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

As I mentioned above, I didn’t use public transport in the city as I loved walking here. Although, when I went towards the Prague castle through the historic Charles Bridge, I saw the trams pass by and even clicked them but never rode them – well I didn’t want to either 😉 Would you also photograph these trams from Prague?

Prague - Tram

4. Prague Photography – Charles Bridge

I expected the Charles Bridge over the Vltava river to be overly crowded and gosh I was so right. Right before crossing the road light I was almost bumping into people to find a perfect place to just catch a glance at the bridge – leave clicking a decent photograph of Prague’s iconic Charles bridge!! But, by God’s grace, I’m blessed with a decent height so I could capture a few pictures of the bridge even before entering there. You can get the most beautiful shots of Prague from the Charles Bridge. 

View of Charles Bridge  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

Despite being a historic spot, the Charles Bridge is also a major connecting point to the Prague Castle. For Prague photography lovers, the bridge will be a tough job. You guys might have to pick odd times and odd seasons to get one of those perfect photographs of Prague’s Charles bridge. As I didn’t have that opportunity nor the time, I satisfied myself with random people in my pictures for a nice memory. But I know for sure I’m going back there in offseason to enjoy the town without crowds. 

Prague - Charles Bridge - entry

Prague - Charles Bridge | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

The walk from the old town square to the Prague castle is a little uphill and might take 30 minutes or more – depending on your stops for pictures or coffee. If you’re not perfectly fit – like me – you might need at least one coffee break or try one of these European delicacies. Even the coffee will present you with an amazing opportunity for Prague photography. 

Starbucks cold coffee from top

5. Prague Photography – Prague Castle

The Prague castle consists of a huge complex and requires a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are what I recommend. The Prague castle offers some of the best views of the town and even a normal mobile phone can capture awesome shots. So, don’t forget to click a photograph of Prague giving you the perfect bird’s eye view like the one below. When taking pictures from the Prague castle complex of the city and the Charles Bridge, try to find a nice spot with fewer tourists. The Prague Castle provides an altogether different perspective on Prague’s cityscape. 

Prague town view from Prague castle  | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

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The Prague castle dates back to the 9th century and is still an official residence the President of the Czech Republic. Though beautiful in a unique manner it differs from the rest of the town with colorful buildings. 

Prague castle - panoromic view

Prague town

The walk from the Prague castle complex back to towards the old town square took me through a different road and I found some other gorgeous houses downhill. Aren’t these beautiful houses present you with some amazing photographs of Prague.

A walk in the fairytale town of Prague will be a memorable one. 

Colorful Prague buildings

When I thought the Vltava river divided in the Praha city into two halves only then I stumbled upon this beautiful sight of a canal. Cannot get enough of this dreamy picture of the water channel in between those gorgeous houses. This is one of my favorite photographic memory of Prague. 

Prague - canal

6. Prague Photography – St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Church is a true example of Gothic architecture and amazing to click pictures of. It’s difficult to get entire Vitus Cathedral in a single frame considering it is the largest in the Czech country. 

Prague - St. Vitus Church - Full view | Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

7. Prague Photography – Prague City

Even when coming back from the Prague castle I walked around the town taking it all in – I couldn’t just get enough of the colors. The town is immensely colorful and this is the unique thing about the Czech capital. Keep your camera handy to capture such gorgeous photographs of Prague city.

Prague - buildings in colors

While walking past the road looking for a restaurant I saw this *cute* baby pink colored building. Really never thought that a building flaunting such a color can look this drop dead gorgeous. I was tired while crossing the building so skipped walking towards and satisfied myself with a far-away shot. Would you like to take such close-up photographs of such a building from Prague?

Prague Pink building

Prague tops my favorite cities list with colorful buildings and not only because of its wonderful architecture but also because of the history the town holds. The people of the capital will make you feel welcomed making your visit to Prague a notable one for you to cherish forever. I fell in love with the city..would you??

Prague - A beautiful building

Have you been to the Czech capital? Do share your experience with me!

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Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots
Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots
Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots
Prague Photography and Instagram Worthy Spots

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