Awe-Inspiring Places to Visit in Sangla Valley

Kinnaur is a beautiful district and one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh with apple farms all over and lush green valleys. Sangla Valley is on the upper end of Kinnaur with dense forest, a valley surrounded with snow-capped mountains. I’m going to present the best places to visit in Sangla Valley Himachal Pradesh. 

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What and Where is Sangla Valley?

In upper Himachal Pradesh, Sangla valley is a perfect getaway for travelers, couples, and families. Snow-covered mountains, apple farms in every home and the music of Baspa river echoing everywhere, Sangla is pure bliss.

It surely is a long road trip from Delhi, but the gorgeous quiet landscape of this secluded village will soothe your travel buds.

Fortunately still unknown to a lot of tourists and travelers, and usually shadowed under the names of Chitkul and Kalpa valley. Chitkul is the last village on the Indian side bordering with Tibet is usually the highlight of Sangla Valley merely at a distance of 23 km. Travelers usually head towards the Kalpa valley and rather spend very little time in Sangla valley.

Despite being one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh Sangla is slightly underrated. Which is why I would like to present how to spend a few days here with the best places to visit in Sangla valley.  

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Awe-Inspiring Places to Visit in Sangla Valley

Baspa River

Sitting on the river bed on huge rocks is as rejuvenating as a spa.

The music of the flowing water, the sound of the waving leaves of the trees, the chirping of the birds will revive your mood and ease out your stress. The Baspa river lies at the foothill of the Sangla valley girdled with centuries-old deodar trees and the snow-capped mountain peaks even in the months of summer. Unlike other hill stations, the river is untouched and not yet commercialized making it peaceful. Surely one of my favorite places to visit in the Sangla valley. 

Baspa River in Sangla Valley

I recommend starting your day with a morning walk on the downhill till the river and get refreshed for the rest of the day. Watching the sunrise between the hills amidst the sound of the flowing river will be an exhilarating start to the day!! I can assure you this will be one of the most memorable places to visit in your Himachal Pradesh trip.

Baspa River Bridge

Bering Nag Temple

Another one of the top places to visit in Sangla Valley is the Bering Nag Temple dedicated to Lord Jagas (Snakes). Inspired by Buddhist Pagodas and an architecture marvel from Sangla valley, the temple is visited by numerous tourists over the year for the annual “Fulaich Fair‘. Tourists are not allowed in the main temple area yet are free to offer their prayers from the temple courtyard.  

Bering Nag Temple

After starting your day at the riverbed and walking back from the Sangla valley uphill walk towards the village, you will easily spot the Bering Nag temple which is open from morning till evening. 

Buddhist Bells at Bering Nag Temple

Try and ring these Buddhist bells while in the Bering Nag Temple, they produce a tranquil sound in the most pleasing manner possible. 

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Kamru Fort

Rumored to be some centuries old, Kamru Fort is at almost 2 km from Sangla valley. The fort is of extreme importance to the locals of Sangla valley and nearby villages. Mainly because of the 15th-century Kamakhya Devi (or Kamakshi Devi) temple in the Kamru fort’s premises. There’s a point up to which the vehicles are allowed and post that it’s almost 30 mins walk to Kamru fort. Entry to main Kamru fort is not allowed as the priests say as much as 33000 gods reside in the main Kamru Fort. Despite that, one may offer their prayers at the Kamakshi Devi Temple and click photographs of the stunning fort. The Kamru fort is an architectural spectacle with stone carvings and wooden structure built on a hilltop constructed so many years ago. The Kamru fort unveils a picturesque view of the Sangla valley and the entire village from the altitude of 2600 meters above the sea level.

Kamru Fort

How to reach Kamru Fort

Head to Kamru Fort by either walking from the village or hire a local vehicle although the cars drop only till the foothill. From this point, the little hike till Kamru fort is slightly rocky one with greenery all around. A lot of locals will walk past you at a fast pace considering they are accustomed to this hike daily. The hike will take almost 20-30 mins depending on your fitness level. Don’t miss this amazing fort as it’s on top of my best places to visit in Sangla valley. 

Kamru Fort with Temple Sangla valley Himachal Pradesh India

Buddhist Monastery

Influence of Buddhism is visible in Sangla Valley and the monastery is another quiet place to visit in Sangla valley. Not highlighted as the most visited places but a place worth adding to the itinerary. A walk towards the main bus depot of the village will take to the monastery located in a peaceful corner.


Another way to head here is while coming back from the Kamru Fort with just a small detour. The monastery is usually closed and not among the most visited place in the valley. But if you will visit, the humble monks will open the gates with a smile for you to offer prayers.

Buddha in the monastery

The monastery is located on the second floor and the doors were locked when we arrived. While the monks were fetching keys, I stood there to admire the beautiful colorful door with such intricate details. The paintings on the surrounding walls of the door was a pleasing sight to witness. Are you also a photography lover like me? Head over to some of the ravishing pictures I captured in the Sangla valley.

Door of monastery Sangla valley Himachal Pradesh India


Chitkul is one of the most sought places to visit in Sangla Valley. It is India’s last village bordering with Tibet in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The quaint village with Baspa river flowing and the 360° views of snow covered mountains sums’ up Chitkul.

An hour away from Sangla valley, it can be reached via rugged roads with hairpin bends. You may hire a cab, HPTDC buses or from your own vehicle. Don’t miss Chitkul on your next Sangla trip!

Kanda Lake

We spotted Kanda Lake purely by word of mouth as it was recommended to us by our hotel staff. Believe me, I don’t regret it. A 6-8 hour trek or 2-hour drive from the base of Sangla Valley lies Kanda village which has a small picturesque lake too.

Sangla Kanda Lake from Sangla Valley Himachal Pradesh India

Hire a 4X4 cab from the main market in Sangla village and start your bumpy ride. Normal vehicles will have difficulty driving here as the roads aren’t developed as such. The lake is also a pit stop for trekkers going to Reckong Peo with options for overnight camping. Take some time to take in the scenic views, enjoy tea & local meal before heading back. 

Where to Stay in Sangla Valley

The valley is still developing and newer hotels coming at a fast pace. Although, not many are high-end hotels and yet most are good for crashing for a few nights. We stayed in Hotel Madhu Sangla which was decent for 3 nights. The room service was good, with amazing tea and food. The room is slightly off the main market but gives amazing views of the Baspa river. The hotel has a garden with flowers in full bloom in the summers which add to the beauty of the valley, see the below picture 😀 

This sums my Sangla trip with all the fascinating places to visit in Sangla Valley and around. 


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Sangla Valley | Places to visit in Sangla Valley | Things to do in Sangla Valley | Things to see in Sangla Valley | Places to see in Sangla Valley | India | Asia | Himachal Pradesh | Travel #india #sanglavalley #asia

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  11. I loved the landscape and natural beauty of Sangla. As I love mountains, this place is for me. Exploring around Baspa river is so beautiful thing to do here. Colorful door of Buddhist temple is so beautiful and photogenic. I would love to visit these temples.

  12. From Buddhist Monastery to the Fort, it all seems quite interesting. I love those doors in the Monastery, so vibrant and lovely. There seems plenty to do yet it seems as if the place calms you down instead of that frenzied feeling. I really like that about Sangla from your post. Thanks/

    1. I agree, it’s the kind of place city people go for peace🙂

  13. James says:

    The Baspa river looks so clean, it must be so close to the source too. The Bering Nag Temple sounds very sacred, I like how they keep it sacred by not letting the tourists in. I think I would take the walk up to the fort – for both the exercise and beautiful views. I love your pictures, I can almost breath in the fresh air!

  14. We missed visiting Sangla last time we were in Himachal. It looks like such a peaceful place. I love listening to the music of rivers too and we would have loved the place. It was so nice of the monks to open them for you.

    1. Yes it is really peaceful and quiet. The monks always open doors for everyone!

  15. I’ve not been to Sangla before. But I’d like to consoderimg all I’ve read and seen in this post. I’d like to visit the Bhuddist Monastery and spend time looking at the colorful doors. But I’d start with an exploration of Baspa River. Such a nice post and India is beautiful.

    1. I also loved sitting by the river bed, it was really peaceful there.

  16. I haven’t heard of this area of India! I’m definitely adding this to my India bucket list. 😀 I especially love that little Buddhist temple.

    1. Yes it is still a little unheard of..even in India.

  17. Wow what a beautiful place! I love all the colors in your photos. This looks like a really great place to visit for a few days. I’d love to take pictures here!

    1. Yes it indeed it, I also clicked so many pictures and never actually got bored🙂

  18. Abhinav Singh says:

    I have never been to Sangla but have heard great things about it. Bering nag temple is so gorgeous. It’s location enhances its beauty. Inspired by this blog, I might just plan a trip here soon.

    1. Hope you get to visit there soon🙂

  19. Sangla looks and sounds like a lovely place to spend a few days. The buildings and the mountain backdrop are a photographers dream! I’ll add it to my ever growing ‘to visit’ list in India!

    1. Hope you like the place like me🙂

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  23. I love your photos. I will research Sangla and see the best way to get there.

    1. Thank you for the lovely words. Hope your research is fruitful 🙂

  24. Your photos are amazing! That temple is really gorgeous. I’m going to research Sangla and see if I should add it to my Places to Visit list. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. Hope your search is fruitful🙂

  25. I’ve never been to Sangla before. It’s beautiful out there and the colors and the architecture are just so captivating! It would be nice to go there someday and see everything myself.

    1. Yes it surely was so beautiful. Thank you for the lovely words🙂

  26. I’ve never been before it looks so interesting. Everything looks so calm and Seren. you really have an eye for photography the photos look absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words 🙂

  27. I’ve never heard of Sangla Valley before. You captured its beauty so well!

    1. Thank you Audrey for the lovely words🙂

  28. I love water so i was drawn to that rushing water photo. WOW! Everything looks so amazing and tranquil there

    1. Thank you for the lovely words

  29. Wow! These photos are beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time– I enjoyed living vicariously through your travels : )

    1. Yes, we indeed had a great time. Thank for the lovely words 🙂

  30. All the pictures are absolutely stunning and colorful , That monastery door is really bright:) Hope you enjoyed a lot !

    1. Yes we surely did!! Thank you for the lovely words 🙂

  31. What a privilege to be able to visit a place like this! I am mesmerised by the Fort, and the story about the 33000 gods living in there! I’d love to learn more about this fort!

    1. Thank you Cynthia for the lovely words. It’s surely was a wonderful experience!

  32. Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous place to visit! I’ve never even heard of Sangla. So glad you shared this and I could learn about it.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words🙂

  33. This is absolutely stunning! I love the ancient architecture, art, and natural scenery. I’ve never heard of it before, but would love to see it in person one day.

    1. Yes it surely is a beautiful place. Thank you so much for the lovely words🙂

  34. Wow what a beautiful place to visit. The colors of the place are so pretty, I want to explore it soon. Need to start saving to be able to travel =)

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words🙂

  35. I have been to Sangla but I was a little kid then…after looking at these pics and reading the post, I think I need to visit it again. I am pinning it right now!

    1. Thank you for the lovely words. Agree, you should visit again 🙂

  36. I’ve never been to Sangla and wasn’t familiar with it at all before reading this. It is absolutely stunning however and I would love to see this area someday. The view from the bridge over the Baspa River is breathtaking!

    1. Glad you liked the post. Thank you for the lovely words 🙂

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  38. I love that colorful door of the monastery and the temple 💚💛 plus the nature is wonderful :3

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  39. What a stunningly beautiful place! That monastery door is so bright and colourful.

    1. Thank you so much🙂 Glad you liked the post!!

  40. The buildings are stunning enough, but with the mountain backdrops, I can see why there is a spiritual connection. The photos are stunning and the colours are really vivid.

    1. Thank you so much Alan 🙂

  41. A few years back, my Gurudev spent a week in Sangla under agyatvas. The pictures that emerged afterwards were breathtaking. I have always wanted to visit Sangla ever since. Quite informative post with lovely pics!

    1. Yes it surely is a gorgeous place!! Thank you for the wonderful words 🙂

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