Jet Airways Flight Review: Economy Class

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Looking at a plane take off is one of the best experiences travelling can give. Experiencing it while sitting on a window seat and contemplating whether to create a video, take a picture or just enjoy is another feeling. Flying is my favourite mode of travel because it saves me enough time as it is not easy to travel working full-time. Most of the time, I tend to prefer Jet Airways over its counterparts. So, here I present my personalised Jet Airways flight review and why I always (mostly) choose Jet Airways for my domestic travels. 

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Jet Airways Flight Review

The first time I travelled solo in India to Mumbai was via Jet Airways and it was about the time that I realised what I actually love in an airline. The facilities Jet Airways provide, be it economy or business, Jet Airways never disappoints. Although being a semi-luxury traveller, I have travelled via economy class only, I am keen to try their business class someday too. So, keep reading about my experience with the airlines & my Jet Airways Flight Review.

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Jet Airways Flight window

Jet Airways economy class facilities

Jet Airways economy class seats

When I entered the economy class cabin of Jet Airways, I was surprised to find spacious legroom and clean and comfortable seats. Jet Airways is one of the premium airlines in the country, hence I expected smaller legroom but the airline stunned me for good. Apart from that, I completely love their theme, the grey-coloured seats with a yellow splash in tits & bits make it lively. Since when I started flying with them, Jet Airways economy class seats never thwarted me. 

Jet Airways Window Close up

The Entertainment System

Because the domestic flights are usually shorter, no pillows are provided but I think they’re also not required. As domestic flights usually have no entertainment system, and so neither did Jet. But they have their own nice travel magazine, which is enough to keep one occupied. Believe I am always hooked by their magazine, always eager to read creative travelogues. The spectrum of choices in a domestic airline is enough for me to recommend. And so, I always try to book Jet first going by their well-recognised facilities. This is why I can recommend that Jet Airways’ economy class facilities are from some of the best in the airline industry. 

The Cabin Crew

What I love most about Jet Airways is its cabin crew. They are extremely courteous, and humble with a helping attitude. They will never frown upon anyone, even if anyone is having an issue with the overhead compartment, or tea/coffee needs. 

Jet Airways economy class food

Being a premium airline, Jet Airways provides food whose price is included in the flight ticket. This is one of the many things I love about the airline, as otherwise, the food on the flights tends to be insanely expensive. 

According to the flight time, the food is served accordingly and as per the region we’re travelling to. For instance, when I travelled from Delhi to Mumbai, I was served Alloo Bonda (fried stuffed potato) in a vegetarian meal.

Jet Airways economy class food

When I recently travelled to Chennai, there was idli sambhar in the vegetarian although I chose scrambled eggs for breakfast. The meal is completed with a bun, butter, chocolate and tea/coffee as well. Not to mention, a small water bottle is also provided. Although I don’t prefer to use plastic bottles to try to be a responsible tourist and didn’t throw the bottle and rather used it on my trip. During my return on an evening flight, we were served finger chips as the evening snacks, which sadly I didn’t like much. But the coffee was enough for me to go through the flight. 

Chennai Marina beach

The Ticket Price

As one of the premium airlines, the ticket price for Jet Airways is usually higher than the low-cost airlines. But with the recent announcement of food prices not being included, the chances of cheaper fares rise. 

Recent Update

As Jet Airways is struggling with cash, they have recently decided to charge for food in the Economy class. This was a blow to me, but there’s an upside to this too. The prices of Jet Airways will be lower and it’ll now compete with the low-cost airlines in the country.

Final Words on Jet Airways Flight Review of Economy Class

When travelling domestically, there is no option apart from economy & business class whose rates vary extensively. We all know, travelling in economy class is not as great as business class, but there are a few airlines which make the economy class worth too. That said, Jet Airways always charms me with their services, exceptional pilots and on-time landing.

Have you travelled via Jet Airways? Do share your experience with me!

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Jet Airways Economy review | Jet Airways economy class facilities | Jet Airways economy class seats | Jet Airways economy class food | #jetairways | #flightreview #airlines #thewanderingcore

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  2. Nic Hilditch-Short says:

    I’ve never travelled with Jet before but we will be travelling more around India in a year or so so it is good to know for then, also getting a vegetarian option is really important to us too.

  3. I’ve never used Jet Airways, but they sound like a solid, reliable airline. I love flying too. But I love it because I feel justified in shutting off my phone and pretending I can’t access any wifi. It’s such “me” time.

  4. If I need to travel within India, sounds like a solid airline to consider. Since most of my travel is in other countries though, might be a while until I have an opportunity think about flying Jet Air. Good review though.

  5. You had me at idli. I was introduced to them by my bank manager, and I’ve not looked back. I love that the cuisine is inspired by destinations. But the other important factor is definitely legroom; I’m tall, and I like to be able to free my kneecaps from the seat in front. I will definitely add Jet to my list of airlines I’m happy to fly.

  6. Great tip! I’ve never travelled with Jet Airways before but it sounds like a great airline for domestic flights throughout India. It’s a shame they’ll be charging for food going forward.

  7. I haven’t flown Jet Airways, but the first thing I do when booking flights and comparing prices is look for reviews like this. Disappointing that they are charging for meals now but at least that means cheaper flights!

  8. I’m always looking for cheap flights, without getting the cheap seats. I haven’t ever heard of this company actually so I was truly quite intrigued. Thank you for introducing me to yet another avenue that I can both save money and travel!

  9. thewordhermit says:

    I have never traveled on Jet Airways, but I generally base my ticket purchases on price alone. I also look for no hidden fees. Does Jet Airways charge for WiFi, checked bags, or carry-on bags? Just curious…

  10. I have never travelled Jet Airways, but I too love flying. It’s so convenient and there is always that energy before you take off. It’s as close to magic as the modern world can get.

  11. I’ve never flown this airlines. It sounds like a great airlines to use, and very comfortable for travel around India.

  12. Pansy says:

    Thank you for the review! Good to know that you had a good experience and that the seat is spacious and comfortable! I will definitely keep that in mind when traveling!

  13. I’ve never traveled with Jet Airways before, but it seems like most other budget airlines don’t offer food (that’s included in the price). So this used to be a great advantage. It’s sad they had to change that! Will definitely consider using this Airline in the near future!

  14. I’ve travelled within India with Jet Airways too – and I agree: it’s a great airline! You are right about the cabin crew, they were such sweethearts!!

  15. I love jetairways just because they give food 😀 Morning coffee on the flight is all I want

  16. Really useful to know that this airline is recommended and good to use. Thank you and I hope to be able to use it for future travel!

    1. Shivani says:

      Glad you liked it, thank you for stopping by 🙂

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