Spectacular places to visit in Puri, Odisha

Planning a trip to Jagannath Temple in Puri? Know more about these places to visit in Puri with my top tips from Golden Sea Beach and Jagannath Temple Puri with must-visit Puri sightseeing places.

Odisha is a land of spirituality and serenity with places like Jagannath Temple known for its massive religious value, Sea Beach on the shore of the Bay of Bengal and Chilika Lake Asia’s largest brackish lagoon welcoming migratory birds in winters annually among others. So I’m going to present some of the spectacular places to visit in Puri along with Puri sightseeing places. 

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Spectacular Places to visit in Puri

Golden Sea Beach

Unlike other mainstream beaches in India, Sea beach doesn’t have any water activities. This was a let down for me because of all we had to do sit around in huge crowds and not able to find solace. I observed another weird thing when I spotted horse/camel giving rides to tourists – like is this a desert or what? Sorry if this was a spoiler, but aren’t beaches supposed to be fun and quiet places.

A beautiful beach on the shore of Bay of Bengal with majestic Golden Sands and varied hues of the sea.

Evening at the Golden Sea Beach,Puri

The Golden Sea beach is somewhat clean but really dirty near the eateries and the evening markets. After clicking some pictures & roaming around for another hour we returned to the room for lunch with a will to return soon. Golden Sea Beach is another one of the best places to see in Puri, so don’t miss the clichéd sunrises & sunsets!

Golden Sea Beach,Puri Odisha, India

Quick Tips

  • Local vendors lend chairs/shades to tourists at merely 20₹ per hour(20/30 cents/hour) 
  • Ask price of everything before purchasing. 
  • Beware of vendors selling pearls & gemstones claiming as original but are fake. 
  • Try Bhel Puriwithout oil -they use mustard oil – something not everyone can relish – at 15/20 ₹ per plate(~20 cents).
  • Try Papdi Chat at 30₹ per plate (~30 cents). 
  • Tea is wonderfully refreshing at most of the vendors priced at a low 3/5INR ~ 3/5 cents.
  • If you love seafood, do try fish and crab pakodas – an alternative to fried fish and prawns. 

Worried about what to pack for a beach vacation? Read this guide about the best beach vacation packing list.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath temple dates back to 12th century dedicated to Lord Jagannath or otherwise known as Lord Krishna. It is one the char dhams – four divine temples suggested for all Hindus to visit once in a lifetime. Even, my mum is really desperate to visit all the four dhams before she gets too old to travel

The hotel receptionist arranged a priest for us to provide us with an insight into the temple. As it is a Hindu Temple, we had to remove our shoes outside and (to my shock) mobiles/cameras were also not allowed inside the temple premises and had to be deposited at a counter, so no pictures after the entry point.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath temple has four entrances indicating North, South, East & West. We started our tour from the South Gate, the priest told us that the main temple is surrounded by various small temples of other gods. On completing Parikrama and visiting most of the temples, we proceeded towards the main temple. The priest took us directly to the queue towards the main hall, and we offered our prayers there by watching the deities from a distance.

Jagannath Puri Temple

Rath Yatra

The temple is famous for its annual Rath Yatra/ Chariot festival where the idols from the temple are brought out on the main streets in Puri and usually occurs in June/July embracing huge amount of crowd from all over India. It is one the best places to visit in Puri and surely shouldn’t be missed, and if you like to admire its architecture you could go more than once just like us 😉 

rathyatra of Jagannath Puri
*Rath Yatra* (Source – Google)

*To my disappointment, the temple was not at all managed, priests supervising everything, no crowd control and most/all the priests demanding huge amounts of donations in exchange for the blessings of God. I am a spiritual person(not a religious one), but these priests take undue advantage of people’s sentiments by making it as their source of income.

Jagannath Puri Temple

All in all, I was amazed by the architecture of the main temple, how could they have possibly built such a huge structure in the 12th century was really mind-blowing. 

Jagannath Puri Temple - East Side
*East entrance of the Jagannath Temple*

Quick Tips

  • Enter the temple premises by the East gate(refer pic above).
  • If you have entered via East gate, get Prasad from outside is offered to the deities (inside the temple you get Prasad at highly overpriced rates). 
  • Beware of the priests encroaching you once you enter the temple on the pretext of showing you around the temple.
  • Leave your mobile phones & cameras in hotel/cloakroom as they’re not allowed in the temple.
  • Turn deaf ear to the priests calling you out for donations to god in name of blessings.
  • Once inside the main temple, take care of your wallets and donate only if you like (don’t do under priests pressure) 

Swargadwar Beach

A rather less touristy beach with fewer crowds is the beach located near Swargadwar. With its proximity to Swargadwar, the beach conserves the spirituality and a serene one to enjoy the sun. Head to Swargadwar beach on the rear ends of the Golden Sea Beach for relishing tranquillity.

Chilika Lake

37 km of the south-west is a peaceful brackish water lake in Chilika merging its way ahead into the Bay of Bengal. Various small islands in the Chilika lake hosts some of the prime attractions, including seafood, stones imported from Lakshadweep islands, and Satpada Island dolphin tour. I highly recommend a tour of Chilika lake as one of the best places to visit in Puri.

Chilika Lake Puri India

Things to do in Puri

Puri Sightseeing


Being a coastal city, Puri has a variety of seafood available, make sure to taste some of the best-fried fish & prawns available on the sea beach. Catch the sunset at the beach and watch the market being set up while the sun sets for the day. Mornings and afternoon usually get really hot on the beach and so in the evenings, the markets are really crowded. Food in the state is really cheap, you can get a samosa at 3 INR, a tea at 5 INR (10 INR at the beach), bhelpuri at 20 INR. While relaxing on the beach in the evening, do enjoy these little snacks from the religious city of Odisha.


The state is famous for its hand-loom industry and clothes quality is beyond premium here. If you fancy a typical Indian style cotton sari, a suit or simple bed sheets, Puri is the place to shop for them. The market just opposite to the Sea beach is good for getting to know about the types of cloths. Even the market just opposite to the East gate of the Jagannath temple also have nice shops on hand looms, but being the prime spot from the city, that’s little expensive. Wander around the market surrounding the beach and I’m sure you will not be disappointed and probably wouldn’t return empty hand 😀

How to reach Puri

Puri is well-connected through flights, trains, and roads. If planes are your pick, Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport and it will take about 2 hours to reach here. Despite having an international terminal at Bhubaneswar airport, it is a rather small airport. Baggage claim for us took as long as 30 minutes. So, keep this time frame in mind while planning your trip.

Bhubaneshwar airport

Puri is also connected through trains and you can book a train directly from IRCTC. If visiting via road, then the highway to Puri is well organized.

Thinking about Indian rail travel? Head to this amazing post about navigating the Indian IRCTC e-ticket booking system.

Delhi airport


Where to stay in Puri

We stayed just opposite to the Golden Sea Beach so that the beach is relatively accessible on foot. We booked through OYO Hotel Landmark Swargadawar and it was an amazing stay. My love for Indian food is well established throughout the blog, and as we prefer vegetarian so we went back to the hotel’s restaurant(which I usually don’t like to do!!). The hotel provided meals in the rooms apart from their routine service also. Despite the nice food, the waiting time in the room was really high! So, we had to book our meals with a buffer of 30 – 45 mins in advance. It’s tough but recommended. 

Some of my other recommendations for best places to stay in Puri are – 

Rishan Guest house Swargadwar – They offer family rooms, parking, and airport shuttles as well. As it is located in Swargadwar, the Puri Sea beach is quite close and one can easily walk up till there!

OYO 10046 Hotel Swarna Villa – An OYO hotel with restaurant, restaurant facility, and non-smoking rooms is a perfect stay for a couple. Located close to the Golden Sea Beach, and restaurant with lots of breakfast choice can be a good pick. 

– OYO Rooms Golden Beach – Another couple friendly hotel with the name clearly stating it’s closeness to the Golden Beach. Free wifi is available in the hotel and room service facility, it can be a decent choice for couples and families. 

Have you been to Puri in Odisha? Do share your experience with me!

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  1. Amazing blog with beautiful pictures Puri is a nice place to visit the temple and the beaches are just worth going . the boat ride at chilka lake is also a great experience. the sun set point is also good

  2. Looks fabulous. India is such a melting pot of culture, beaches, amazing food, views… I keep discovering all these new places and it makes me realise I only explored such a small part of the country!

  3. Puri was the first place I visited! I love the tranquility of the beach esp. at the lighthouse end. It’s a lovely sight when the fishing boats arrive at daybreak. The markets are too crowded for me.

  4. Puri is one of the most visited places of India which attracts thousands of tourists every year from all across the India, right ? Now, reading your post, I can understand why it is so attractive :-)… because of its historical and spiritual value !

    1. Yes, Puri has a highly valued Indian temple which attracts thousands of tourists all the year, and even more during Rath Yatra.

  5. The carvings on the Jagannath temple are gorgeous and I hate the fact that photography is not allowed in all major temples of India. It is just ridiculous. I loved the temple and Konark. Spent only an hour on Puri beach. Nice place.

  6. I have so many dreams of visiting India. I could read blog posts about it all day. I really enjoyed reading this, it described the place well and was super informative. Great blog.

  7. I have childhood memories of going to Puri with my parents – I especially remember the beach 🙂 I am glad you mentioned to turn deaf ear to the priests calling you out for donations to god in name of blessings. It’s an absolute menace.

  8. India just continues to amaze me, now with breathtaking beaches! The Jagannath Temple looks stunning from the picture and would love to be there during Rath Yatra festival. Your infomation on the temples and how best to tackle them will be invaluable, great post thanks!

  9. That painting at the airport is a beautiful welcome. And I just love the architecture of the temples – so unique, and I’d love to see them in person!

  10. What a lovely sunset picture 🙂 I would definitely love to relax on that beach like you said but you are right you should ask price of everything before purchasing. Odisha as a whole & Puri both looks like pretty places to visit and I would love to visit Jagannath Temple as that is something that I love Temples and history.

  11. Those temples look amazing. They definitely captured my attention the most. Also, a day at the beach sounds fun and relaxing way to just chill.

  12. Orissa as a whole is promising place to be which is largely unexplored. Puri I feel is largely about Jagganath Temple which I guess is absolutely worth visiting. Apart from it I didn’t quite like beach front. I

  13. I was in Odisha & Puri, earlier this year. My series of blogposts on that trip is coming up soon.
    I stayed at the Panthanivas on Puri Beach and got to see the sunrise at the beach and it was just mesmerizing!
    Yes, Jagannath temple was a disappointment for me too! The crowd was way too much for my comfort…
    But I knew of the no gadget rule, so I left it all in my hotel room.

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