A photographic journey through Prague Castle Tour

Prague red rooftops

Prague is bound to charm you with its vivid colours, welcoming people, culture & intricate architecture. The magic of Prague lies not only in the town or in its historical town square but also beyond that. For that Prague Castle did a perfect job of making my love deeper for the town. As I walked through the lanes bypassing the Charles Bridge, I didn’t think I’d come to love the castle, but I document each step via my camera. So, here I present my photographic journey through my DIY Prague Castle tour.

Prague Castle | Prague Castle Tour | Czech Republic | #europe #prague #praguecastle #thewanderingcore #travel

Prague Castle Tour – A Photographic Journey for lifelong memories

Prague Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the town considering it is a historical landmark. Before I take you on a virtual photographic Prague Castle tour, I’d like to put some background on facts about Prague Castle.

Facts About Prague Castle

History – The Prague castle dates back to the 9th century, although, the castle is rumoured to be founded around 800.

World Record – The Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed under Guinness as the largest castle in the world with over 70,000 sq. meters of area.

An official residence – The castle once served as an official seat of the Kings & princes and is currently the home to Czech President.

Churches – The castle has a deep religious history. Various convents were founded here starting in the 10th century. The Prague castle today is home to 4 churches that included St. Vitus Cathedral. 

Palaces – The Prague Castle holds enormous premises with 4 palaces in place, including Old & New Royal Palace, Lobkowicz Palace & Belvedere.

Museums – The Prague castle houses various museums on the premises which were once convents. 

Towers & Gardens – Just like the others, the castle also houses four towers and eleven perfectly manicured gardens.

Secured Crown Jewels – The historical Bohemian Crown Jewels are stored with complete security in the St. Vitus Cathedral since the 17th century. 

A Photographic Journey Through Prague Castle Tour

The Prague castle is visible from the lower parts of the town making up for a perfect postcard picture. Starting from the Charles Bridge and the Vltava river flowing underneath, the castle charmed me with its beauty.

Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

Way to the Prague Castle

The castle can be reached via trams or you may walk till here as I did my DIY Prague Castle tour. Sure, it will take longer but you will be acquainted with the beauty of the town. And, you may also have as many pits stops for coffee or simply pictures. 

Way to Prague Castle

The Entry

St. Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral left me in awe with its humongous size & gorgeous exteriors. 

The Interiors of the St. Vitus Cathedral
The Intricate work of the church
The Doors of the Prague Castle

The immensely beautiful windows –

Some of the gorgeous buildings I spotted during my Prague Castle tour

And the drinking water – 

Lastly, nothing can beat the view from the hilltop where Prague Castle is located – 

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Prague Castle | Prague Castle Tour | Czech Republic | #europe #prague #praguecastle #thewanderingcore #travel

– Shivani

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  7. hey Shivani, this is so funny… we stayed in the Prague castle for 3 days and spent a lot of time admiring every nook no cranny. But, I didn’t know it’s the largest castle!! Or maybe I forgot since it was so long ago. Love the pictures.

    1. Shivani says:

      So glad you found the information useful 🙂 I loved Prague completely and try to capture my love in my camera 😀

  8. Jane Dempster-Smith says:

    Great photos of Prague Castle. I love this city and spent a month there last year travelling through Prague and the countryside. We loved the views from Prague Castle over the city and the river. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. Looks amazing, well written with breathtaking pics.

  10. […] The Vltava! Fried cheese! Amazing public transportation! Dark humour and hiking trails throughout. Not to mention Prague is a reasonable bus ride away from many other cities. All that was missing was an excuse to get employment. Turns out, it’s also really freakin pretty. […]

  11. Those are amazing photos! I visited the castle before but feel like I just re-discovered it! Beautiful!!

    1. Shivani says:

      So glad you liked it, these pictures make me nostalgic as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Love Prague! Great post!

    1. Shivani says:

      Glad you liked it 🙂

  13. Damn! These are such stunning capture [heart eyes]. Tbh I haven’t seen many castles myself, but you’ve made it top of my list when I visit Prague! Especially love the architectural doors.

    1. Shivani says:

      I feel you, the doors are too artistry there, hope you make it there someday 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I used to live in Prague for almost one year, this brings back lovely memories!

    1. Shivani says:

      So glad you liked it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

  15. Nice pictures of Prague castle! We visited the castle as part of a walking tour and loved it too. The church and the castle in general is huge! I loved the views of the city from the castle.

    1. Shivani says:

      I did a self tour, was on a budget 😀 But yes the church is huge & Prague looks dreamy from up there 😻

  16. Great post 😁

    1. Shivani says:

      Thank you 🙂

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