The Goldfinch(Donna Tart) – Review

My first 5-star rating of the year and I’m proudly giving it to The Goldfinch 🙂

This, for me, is one the greatest book of all times. A book so deep, so meaningful that leaves me craving for more. A book with great literature giving me joy and shocks all in moments. A book which leaves me in deep thoughts all over again and again, even about my own life as well.

The plot, the characters, the narration and every other thought in Theo’s mind is just written perfectly, just apt. It was one of those books which makes you feel every emotion with the characters. Moreover, I went into complete shock when Theo was in shock, I was unable to speak when Theo couldn’t speak what he had in his mind – this kind of impact this book has left me with. I am the one who cries a lot(seriously a lot with every other book), but with such beautiful description of Theo’s mindset, I was speechless and in shock all in a single moment.

The way Tart describes New York, Vegas and then Amsterdam is just so mesmerizing. Theo’s connection with his mother, his hatred for his Dad, his longing for Boris left me in utter silence. I completed this book 4days back and now when I’m back in my senses I’m now able to write this review.

The book covers so many aspects – ranging from mother-son relationships, art and its power, teenage friendship, guardianship, childhood bullies, true friendship, drugs, the criminal world dealing with arts and many more.

I loved how Popper remembered Boris when he had seen him after almost a decade, this is just one of those few emotions which can never be expressed in words completely. How the chemistry between two teenagers which remains unaffected even when they haven’t seen each other in years is written in such a fascinating way representing true bond. The way Theo craves for The Goldfinch, not because of his love for art completely but rather like the only thing which holds the connection with his mother. The way he touches the painting, how he wants to safeguard the painting from the outside world, and the way he looks at the painting gives me a chill. The description of love is so pure, especially the part when you love the wrong person and you still can’t stop loving her is…is so deep. The way Theo hits off completely with Hobie in a couple of meetings despite the age gap and how he felt more safe there and not at the Barbour’s, how Hobie treats him like a normal person and not like a person who just went through a tragedy. The time when Hobie supports Theo when he ran away after his Dad’s death brings back my faith in humanity. The moment when Theo is hanging in there trying to end his miserable life and how his mother(or just the illusions) ultimately stops him from doing so was a touchy moment for me. In that instant, when he knew he can talk to his mother only through the mirror and can’t even turn around to have a look at her was simply spell bounding.

I can’t even describe how I felt while reading this book. This book is one of the most treasured books and is now getting marked under my favorite books.

I give complete 5stars to The Goldfinch as it deserves it and nothing less.

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