Travellers’ share the most beautiful lakes in the world

The world is filled with beautiful places, mountains, rivers, gorgeous architectural buildings, history, urban cities, and rivers & lakes. On my mission to explore the world, I continue to stumble upon astonishing lakes. Some undiscovered yet and some least visited. I haven’t seen it all, but it’s not too much to dream of visiting all one day? So, today I have collated the most beautiful lakes in the world from my fellow travel bloggers. We all need some inspiration, right?

Most beautiful lakes in the world

Lake Moraine, Banff, Canada

Lake Moraine is a glacier-fed lake located in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. What makes this lake so unique and beautiful is its accessibility. The lake is surrounded by a range of beautiful mountains, snow-capped and with the sun peeking through them leaves a stunning reflection on the water. Read more about Banff National Park if you’re planning to stay in the Canadian Rockies. 

lake Moraine banff Canada

On beautiful summer days, when the sun is bright until 08:00 pm, kayaking, and hiking are one of the popular activities. Winter time, although the lake is frozen, it’s still a beautiful sight with the Rockies backdrop. A must visit – any time of the year. Would you like to visit this one of the most beautiful lakes in the world? Love kayaking combined with fishing, I then suggest heading to this guide for the best fishing kayak for sale.

– By To Some Place New | Instagram

Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia

South America’s largest & beautiful lake sits at a breath-taking altitude of 3800m above sea level and was a deeply spiritual place for the Inca people. Today, it’s a popular stop on the tourist trail – a tranquil place to unwind after a trek to Machu Picchu or a 4WD tour of Salar de Uyuni.

lake Titicaca.jpg

Lake Titicaca sits right on the border of Peru and Bolivia, and both sides of the lake offer unique travel experiences. The Bolivian side is less touristic, where women trade in petticoats and bowler hats, selling salteñas, fried lake trout and handmade jewelry in the town of Copacabana. Within Peru’s borders lies Puno, where tame llamas stand for photos (all of them named ‘Princessa’, funnily enough) and travel agencies sell tours to the floating Uros Islands, communities that live on islands crafted from interwoven reeds.

Even without the tours, Lake Titicaca is worth seeing in its own right. A deep rich blue in the sunlight and while swimming seems tempting, the high altitude makes for icy waters, so it’s best to enjoy the lake from lookout points and paddleboats. 

– By Thetravelnatural | Facebook | Instagram 

Lake Annecy, France

Think of alpine lakes and the chances are, you’ll think of Switzerland or the Italian lakes. But look no further than these beauties and you’ll miss the raw majesty of Lake Annecy, just a stone’s throw from Geneva, in France.

Lake Annecy is more than Europe’s cleanest lake, it’s also one of the most vibrant, breathtaking and surprising regions in all of France. Surrounded on three sides by verdant alpine peaks, this 14km long pool of crystal clear water is crowned by the city of Annecy with it’s charmingly colorful medieval old town.


To experience the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the lake at it’s fullest, hike or cycle to the top of Mont Veyrier or Col de la Forclaz and look down on the water glittering beneath you in the sunlight. Or stroll along the promenade just a stone’s throw from the city’s old town, where a panorama of water, sky, and mountains stretches ahead of you. Lake Annecy may not be the biggest or the deepest lake, best hidden or least well-known – but it’s a magical region, perfect for outdoor adventurers and those wanting to be wrapped in warm culture and enchanting landscapes.

– By Girl With A Saddle Bag | Facebook | Instagram

Lake Holon, Philippines

Born out of the fire, Lake Holon in the province of South Cotabato, Philippines, now rests idly in the crater of Mount Melibingoy. This lake is known for its beauty, and as such it’s called “The Crowned Jewel of the South.” It has azure waters, surrounded by massive greenery. Due to the lack of light pollution, the Milky Way is clearly visible even early in the evening. Most people come here to camp beside the lake and stargaze at night.

lake holon - south cotabato.jpg

Lake Holon spans 300 hectares and is 1700+ meters above sea level. It is taken care of by the indigenous community of the T’Boli who lives in the area.

– By Tara Lets Anywhere | Facebook | Instagram


Kanda Lake, Himachal Pradesh, India

Sangla Kanda has a gorgeous lake fed by the melting snow from the surrounding mountains. The nearby scenic Kailash mountains, a base camp for trekkers going to Reocong Pass is the Lake literally ignored by the tourists. Situated on a height of 2600meters above sea level, the weather here can change in moments.

sangla kanda lake, himachal, india-the wandering core

The best and recommended time to visit the lake is mid-morning till 12:00 PM. Post this time, the winds start flowing at a fast pace, and the chances of getting stuck increases. The lake can be reached through trekking to the top or by hiring a 4X4 local vehicle. The roads are not yet developed, so taking a local driver is the best advice. Explore the entire mountain surrounding the lake and don’t miss spotting the shallow valley holding the cursed black river. 

– By The Wandering Core | Facebook | Instagram

Norton Lake, USA

Beautiful Lakes. What comes to mind when you think of most beautiful lakes in the world. Morraine, Louise, Como, Tahoe? What if I were to say some of the most beautiful lakes are in Idaho? I didn’t believe it at first and then I made it to my first alpine lake in the mountains in central Idaho.

Norton Lake Como, Tahoe .jpg

Norton Lake is this breathtaking reflection lake with views of the Sawtooths and forests. The colors, the sounds and the feeling you get will freeze you in your footsteps but don’t stay in one spot too long, your pup will be pulling as hard as possible to play in the lake. Take a picnic, a paddleboard or hammock, just remember to leave only footsteps and take only memories (and pictures).

– By | Instagram | Twitter

Lake Como, Italy 

There’s a reason why the rich and famous flock to the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. Surrounded by Alpine foothills, the wishbone-shaped body of water holds a wealth of gorgeous scenery, from waterfront villas boasting colorful gardens to picturesque small towns with stone streets. 

Lake Como, Italy.jpg

As the third-largest lake in the country, Como offers no shortage of spots to explore along its three arms. In popular towns like Bellagio, you’ll find open-air dining and plentiful small shops along narrow, hillside lanes, while quieter villages retain their authentic charms. 

Boat rides are readily available to transport you from town to town or guide you on scenic cruises to soak in the mountainous views. Or, if you prefer to relax under the summer sun, many resorts here feature lakefront pools, some even floating on the water.

– By HarborsandHavens | Facebook | Twitter

Lagoa Fogo, The Azores

I visited The Azores one April with my mum. We were overwhelmed by the stunning lakes on Sao Miguel island. Our favorite was Lagoa Fogo, and we nearly missed out on it altogether! The first time we went to see it, there was such a thick blanket of fog that we couldn’t even make out the outline of the lake. Luckily, there the next day was clear and we were able to see Lagoa Fogo in all its glory.

Lagoa Fogo, The Azores .jpg

It was incredibly beautiful and the intense blue color was glorious. We saw it from a few different viewpoints but I would have loved to spend more time hiking around the lake. We visited in April which was an ideal time as we were the only tourists there! A few years on and I’d still say it’s one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever laid my eyes on.

– By TashaSoyster | Facebook | Twitter

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

One of the most beautiful and stunning lakes in the world is the great Lake Taupo in New Zealand’s North Island. Lake Taupo is a very big lake, almost the size of Singapore, and is surrounded by some of New Zealand’s North Islands most stunning landscape such as the mountains in Tongariro National Park. Many people come to Lake Taupo to enjoy kayaking, sailing, nearby hot springs, and even rock climbing some of the cliffside areas surrounding the lake. You can even take a kayak or boat out to go see Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay, or go mountain biking or hiking in the forested areas nearby.


It is also a very popular fishing lake and the town of Turangi is known as one of the largest trout fisheries in the world. However you decide to enjoy your time at Lake Taupo, you are bound to find an adventure and fall in love with all that it has to offer. 

– By She Dreams of Alpine | Facebook | Instagram

Königssee, Germany

Lakes dot the German state of Bavaria but few feel like the secret and natural oasis that is the Königssee. Located deep in Bavaria near the border with Austria, the lake is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden National Park in the shadow of the Watzmann mountain peak. The lake is the third deepest lake in Germany and said to be the country’s cleanest.


Locals adore the Königssee for rest and relaxation. You’ll often see them going for a dip in the cool, bright water. Tourists flock to the crystal clear lake for its unmatched beauty and to visit the small pilgrimage church, St. Bartholomä.


With a restaurant with Biergarten and a smoked fish stand nearby, you can while away the day on the edges of the lake or take a more active, outdoorsy approach. Electric ferries float effortlessly along with the lake and shuttle adventurers while being eco-friendly. And to demonstrate the amazing echo of the surrounding mountains, a ferry employee plays the trumpet in the middle of the lake.

– By Reverberations | Facebook | Instagram

Dream Lake, USA

Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, United States is a stunning mountain lake with a backdrop of craggy peaks behind it. It’s a small lake, but the view more than makes up for its size. On a good day, the water is as still as glass, creating incredible reflections on the surface. As you approach from below, the lake reveals itself and is absolutely captivating.

Dream Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

Dream Lake can be reached with a short hike that departs from one of the park’s most popular trailheads. Hikers can depart from the Bear Lake trailhead and follow the popular marked trail up to the lake. The round trip can easily be done in a couple of hours.

Dream Lake truly is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, would you want to visit it?

– By Nomad By Trade | Facebook | Instagram

Lake Powell, USA

Lake Powell is one of the most unique lakes in the US, if not the world, straddling the Utah/Arizona border and is actually a reservoir.   It has more coastline than the west coast of the US and feeds into the Colorado River, which runs through the bottom of the canyon. 

lake powell 2

There are six marinas on the lake all the way from the very north end in Utah to just before the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, Arizona.  It makes up Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a popular house-boating destination.  The lake itself is great for fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

Lake Powell

You can find slot canyons, petroglyphs, Anasazi ruins, and dinosaur tracks around the lake, as well as Rainbow Bridge National Monument, one of the world’s largest natural bridges.  If you’re renting a boat to explore, one thing you can’t miss is Cathedral in the Desert in Clear Creek Canyon on the Escalante River Arm.  Lake Powell is the perfect addition to a Southwest US road trip between national parks.

– By Red Around The World | Facebook | Instagram

Mono Lake, USA

Mono Lake looks like you are walking around on another planet is actually in the United States. This lake is a  terminal lake, which means there is no outlet for the tremendous amount of water that flows down from the Sierra Nevada Mountains above the lake. Huge salt deposits called tufa build up and create natural works of art to explore.

Mono Lake

They are very delicate, so you must only observe them with your eyes, but they are definitely a marvel.  The lake also offers a refuge to the thousands of migratory birds that travel here each year.  If you ever find yourself in the central California region, make sure you plan a stop to this fascinating destination. Truly one of the unique and most beautiful lakes in the world, don’t you agree?   

– By My Vacation Pants | Facebook | Instagram

How many of these most beautiful lakes in the world have you visited? Do share your thoughts with me.

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  13. Ashley says:

    A post about the best lakes in the world…I LOVE this. These lakes are so gorgeous. Many of the US lakes I hadn’t heard of yet – I need to brush up on my lake knowledge!

  14. Great list of lakes, so many beautiful ones in this world. I have been to Lake Como and have to agree, it is truly one of the best. I have been dying to visit Lake Moraine – absolutely gorgeous. Now I have more lakes to add to my list. Thank you!

  15. stellymm says:

    I was at lake Powell a few months ago and I loved it! I want to go back in the summer. I will also go to Banff this summer so that will be one more gorgeous lake off of the checklist! Thanks for shearing 🙂

  16. valerieteves says:

    Dream Lake and Lake Moraine… I should add those on my bucket list. Pretty amazing scenery, would like to go on a bit of trekking too.

  17. Lake Taupo and Lake Moraine are my favourites. But you know what, anything to do with nature in New Zealand and Banff is pretty hard to beat. I love Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand too. It is small but so picturesque with the gorgeous mountains as a backdrop!

  18. carrieemann says:

    what about lake atitlan? Surrounded by 3 volcanoes and ringed with Mayan villages? Definitely my favorite. Interesting to see Titicaca on this list … I’d heard it was mostly a mass-tourism nightmare at this point.

  19. Lake Moraine is one of my dreamplaces to visit. Just wish flights from NYC to west coast Canada were a bit cheaper.

    1. Shivani says:

      From India to Canada fights are worse😐 hoping I’ll see Canada one day 🙂

  20. What a beautiful list. I so much want to cisit each of these lakes. Thanks for sharing the list

  21. Lake Titicaca is one of the lakes I wish to see – but I think it’s only because I learned about it in school. The thing about alpine lakes is that, they’re incredibly gorgeous and I’d love to see them (especially the Canadian ones) but they’re so cold!

    1. Shivani says:

      Canada is really high up on my list too 🙂

  22. Kate Korte says:

    Love this post! I’ve been to Lake Como and Moraine Lake. So much natural beauty in this world xx

    1. Shivani says:

      So glad you liked the post 🙂

  23. Beautiful lakes! The only one I’ve been to is Lake Titicaca. Definitely need to see most of these.

    1. Shivani says:

      I have been to Kanda Lake only, I too hope to see more 🙂

  24. Gorgeous lakes Shivani! I have a friend from Lake Como. Awesome place. My pick? I saw Lake Pukaki on the South Island of NZ about 3 weeks ago. Jaw-dropping beauty. Never seen such dazzling colors in my life!


  25. I’m also a fan. There’s a lot of amazing places here, I’ve been to a couple of them, but your Kanda Lake is the most inviting. Wow!

    1. Shivani says:

      So glad you liked the Kanda Lake, I too loved it 🙂

  26. Love the pictures! I love photographing lakes – I always try to get reflections…need to check some of these lakes 🙂

    1. Shivani says:

      I too love taking reflections 🙂 Glad you liked the post.

  27. Great list. The area surrounding Lake Annecy was where the TV programme Les Revenants (The Returned) was filmed so have always wanted to visit there since seeing the TV programme.

  28. Lake Moraine and Lake Powell are high on my bucket list! I’ve been to Mono Lake and it is just so unique with those “rock” tufa’s!

  29. USA has such pretty lakes. I will checking out some of them very soon. Lake Atitlan is on my list. I am hoping to visit Guatemala end of this year!
    Wonderful compilation Shivani!

  30. What gorgeous places! I would definitely add Lago di Braie in Italy and Lake Geneva in Switzerland/ France to this list as well :).

    1. Shivani says:

      Yes, I haven’t been to Lake Geneva, but I have heard it beautiful and it’s on my bucket list 🙂

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